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By catastrophy
Good evening all. I have a thought about a new design for a stringer and I would like to discuss it with a manufacturer or someone in the industry. If anyone is or knows someone that could help me with this please let me know.

Thanks in advance!
By EasySix
Let me help you by suggesting you speak to a patent attorney and protecting your idea before you disclose it to people in the industry who might steal it from you.

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I hope you are successful. One suggestion that every kayak stringer needs.... A big swivel. I use the swivel from a cast net on my current stringer and it makes having a stringer the kayak doable.

Just before Harvey hit I was talking to LoneStarGear about showcasing their new "kayak" stringer on my youtube channel. They got devastated by the storm and apparently lost everything. I'm hoping they rebuild.
I have lost a stringer from my kayak before, mainly becasue I had no way to secure it correctly and have it ready and easy to access and use.
I had and lost a Stinky Pants stringer. So I went back to Stinky Pants and bought the smaller sized float which reduces drag while having fish on the stringer and not a great big float causing more water resistance.
I also bought the clip they sell. It is great! It holds tight for the most part unless I get more than 30 lbs of fish on it. To make sure it does not slip off I put the end metal piece through a kayak deck line guide I bought online. These kayak deck line guides that have the perfect size hole for my stringer metal point to go through. This is my secondary insurance in case the clip slips. Have had no issues since.

Stinky Pants info- http://www.stinkypantsfishing.com/Accessories.htm

Kayak deck line guides- https://www.olympicoutdoorcenter.com/pr ... uide-large

Hope your idea is a great one. I'll buy it for sure if it is nice! Love supporting locals.
EasySix wrote:Let me help you by suggesting you speak to a patent attorney and protecting your idea before you disclose it to people in the industry who might steal it from you.

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This is the best advice! take it from me, who got screwed by invent help.... :evil:
Definitely get a patent, you can also talk to people by getting them to sign a nondisclosure / non compete agreement. You are best served if you work with several to few trusted kayak friends and maybe even wadefisherman until you get it totally finallized. Have each one of them NDA's. if you've already told or showed some people go back to them and have them sign NDA's. Then start talking to patent agents or attorneys ... search for Andover Patents.. he was my patent agent for my lure.. if you can get a utility patent get that, if you can only get a design patent make it as strong as possible with as many variations as you can think of.. it's a tough market but if you really make something that really solves issues for kayakers and wadefisherman then it will be a hit.

good luck!
Tobin is right... If you are confident in your idea, get representation immediately. That person can prepare an NDA for you. I would encourage you to make sure the terms of the NDA are indefinite, not for a term ( ie. 2-4 years).
My profession is in R&D/Design/Molding/Machining. Though I don't handle the legal aspect of things (that's for my boss to do) I create the product and process that gets patented. It never hurts to be "too careful" if it's a good idea.
Good luck to you!

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All good advice. Bear in mind though, if the design is even moderately successful, you will immediately see a flood of replicas from china on eBay, in Walmart, and all over the place. Lawsuits are expensive and timely and hard to get traction with against China. Witness the Fishpond Wasatch vest:
And it's clone from china on eBay and in other places:
If multimillion dollar corporation Fishpond can't stop it, we'll...

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