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By Yaklash
Waterloo makes some great production rods and for the money, are a good buy. While I don't have one I saw this a couple years back and found it in a search. It's not a review of the Salinity series, but ought to give you an idea of some of the qualities the manufacturer puts into his rods. They are made in Victoria and have a great reputation, product wise.

I have owned rods of numerous manufacturers and I have gone exclusively to local manufacturers. You tend to get a better service for warrantee. If you get that Waterloo Salinity series from Academy, be sure you're clear on the details of the warrantee. Academy is generally pretty good as long as you have the receipt.
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By Salaqua
I have used Waterloo Salinity rods exclusively for about the last year. I have two baitcasting rods (6'6" and 7') and a 7' spinning rod. I am very pleased with their performance and Waterloo's customer service. Caveat, I am a bit biased, I live in Victoria, but given the chance I would buy them again or head on up to their other models.

Even their Phantom series is pretty good. I sold my Phantom to a buddy and he hooked into a five foot alligator and wrestled it all around his kayak without the rod breaking.
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By krfish
I owned a 7' salinity spinning rod, and I enjoyed it. Never had an issue. Ended up selling it to a buddy just due to the fact I wasn't using it much. They make a great product.

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