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First wanted to say I'm really enjoying reading all of the camping reports in this forum. My boys (12 & 15) and I are planning our first overnight trip this weekend through Cook's Canoes. My youngest and I are renting a tandem canoe and my older son will be in a solo kayak. The trip planned is from Bog Webberville park to the island across from the Hyatt and take-out the next morning. Question for the veterans of this stretch is what is a safe flow for us to monitor? Currently the lcra hydromet site shows that they are releasing quite a bit of water out (Currently around 4000 cfs). The guy from Cook's says it should come down more by this Sat. when we leave and will just be a faster trip to the island and a little more difficult to fish. Reading through the reports it seems that many have made the trip in all kind of ranges from 400-4000+ cfs. We have all been doing some paddling in the last year, but are mostly novices. Thanks in advance.

At 4k CFS I am betting there will be very little if any camping Real Estate on those island by the Hyatt. I have paddled this section for 10+ yrs now and camped there may times with the river from 300-2000. Are you taking out at FM 969 or going on down to Bastrop?

Taking out at FM 969. I really appreciate the response, I will have to make a decision today on whether to hold off or not. It appears that the LCRA is still letting a good amount of water out. I think it will still come down sometime this weekend, just not sure.
I'll second that the island by the Hyatt will be under water at 4000cfs. Camped there over New Years and there was little to no wood for a fire.
Paddling around the islands just down from big web stay to the left. It's shallow and the current picks up.
Good luck on the trip and post a report!

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