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By Only1Lee
That wasn't as many f-bombs as I was expecting. I'd be on the phone with the warden. It's crazy that the shots got close enough for the camera to pick up the sound of them whizzin by.

Which adds to my list of "reasons why not to fish Calaveras and Braunig"
By Getz-Some55
On Google Maps, there's Nimrod Gun and Rifle Club on the west side of the lake. However, there should be a berm there to catch "most" bullets, plus there's a road behind it. Be careful out there and don't hesitate to call the game warden. Someone else may not be as lucky.

On a more positive note, I wasn't aware that they stocked these freshwater lakes with redfish. I'll have to look further into that.
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By CaptJack
since you heard the bullets coming over your head, but didn't hear the shots
they had to be coming from the Nimrod Gun range
whoever was shooting was shooting over the berms on purpose
you still need to call the warden and the sheriff's departments and report it
it makes them aware when it happened, and where you were on the lake
if they get more reports they'll shut down the gun range

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By CaptJack
if you think about it, that gun range should NOT still be open
if you had bullets zipping over your head, across the lake on the west shoreline
then those same bullets could hit vehicles going up & down I-37
remember that a simple .22LR bullet can travel 1-mile
it says so on the box
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By CaptJack
c-los wrote:yesterday i went fishing at braunig lake in san antonio tx
someone was shooting rounds from the brush and some came a little too close..
i have some of it on video just thought id share..
lots of f bombs sorry feel free to like


looking at where you were in your kayak, from where you were parked
those shots weren't random from the Nimrod Gun Club
you were too far south of the line of the range for the shots to be random
someone was intentionally shooting at/over you to scare you off

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By Yaklash
tastywavescoolbuzz wrote:
Yaklash wrote:Nimrod :lol: :lol: how appropriate...

This^ Merica

Actually, my childhood use of the word nimrod - idiot - is correct, but it also means hunter. I looked up the definition of nimrod after posting this.

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