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By Aggroman

I finished a camp/trip report from last weekend's adventure down on the Devil's arm of Lake Amistad. Man, what an amazing place. I've been up and down the Pecos, but have neglected the Devil's except for a few day trips to certain spots in the upper sections. This will definitely be going in my top 10 places to yak, camp, fish. We're already planning a return.

There's tons of pics. Hope y'all enjoy.


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By Bigrock
I just needed something to look at to help me get through the workday. Appreciate it. What do you have for tomorrow?

An amazing place. Thanks for another great report. :clap:
By texnomad
That fantastic posting of your trip has me revaluating how to rig my 9.5 foot yak to allow more western paddling safely. Where do I get a good map of the river portion of the Devils and Pecos?
By jfraymond
nice report... reminds me of back when I was young... me and the old man used to go way up the devils and camp/fish for the weekend... some of my best memories.

was catfishing up the devils last week to reload the freezer for the first time in years due to the wind... normally go up around zubers bend... fishing definitely is picking up down there...got 42 in 2 days mostly 3-5 lbers.
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By Aggroman
Thanks guys!

Bigrock...as far as what have I done for you today....here you go. Here's a short video I shot of the trip. Even includes a timelapse. :)


Barney, I used a gps, but most everything we needed was from google maps. I'll try and put one together and share it with you that has some really good spots now that the water is up. Places you can get to with a yak from the campground.
By texnomad
Good grief those are some huge caves up on the cliffs. At first I thought some were old RR tunnels like at the mouth of the Pecos. Looks like I might need to invest in a tent to enlarge my meandering area. Thanks for the great video.
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By Bigrock
Awesome! Beautiful! The air views are amazing.

I'll try to shoot a video one of these days of me raking manure and scrubbing water troughs to share with you in return. :mrgreen:
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Aggroman, we want to do this trip, can you share info on mother ship and who to Guide?

R u available for a small fee?

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By Mullet Key
Just got back from there a few weeks ago. Kayaked up DR to the springs on a Friday and then East on the Rio Grande to Panther Cave on Saturday. Camped two nights at Seminole Canyon State Park both nights. I'd go back!
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By Chief Brody
That's really a terrific report - thanks for taking the time to write and post all the pics.

I have written this more times than I like to admit - I love the camping reports - I live vicariously through them. I want to do a little trip like that so badly I can taste it.

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