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By Cuervo Jones
I look at stars, ponder my place in an infinite universe, get depressed at how meaningless human lives are, and go to bed. Sleep great!

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By habanerojooz
For skeeters, I ordered one of these 'bee keeper like' hoodies: http://www.bugshirt.com/

I cannot stand having skeeters buzzing around my head. That drives me nuts. I also cannot handle too much bug spray on my head/ears/neck. My body reacts funny when I spray to those areas, which is probably a warning signal.

Those damn marsh skeeters are large, blood-thirsty, and tenacious. It's no fun to getting blanketed from head to toe by a swarm of them. I've never tested a Thermacell during one of those times and I wonder how effective a Thermocell would be when the skeeters are that thick and a breeze is blowing.
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By JimBeaux
Solitude is nice. The way I spend the time includes reading, sharpening knives & hooks, rigging leaders, jigs & man -- there is something spiritual about looking at a campfire.
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