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By beekeeper
Tomorrow, BOPGunner and I are going to the Kiamachi River above Antlers, OK. We will base out of K-River Campground. They will shuttle us upriver. Any comments about that area?
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By Earl
Great summer time float and fun but----------only if there is water. Otherwise it is hot and and you will be out of your boat pulling it along a lot did I say a lot, yes that.

I have not checked any gauges but suspect they will have some water this weekend due to some nice rains in the area and upstream. K-river campground good place and good people. Also the meeting spot for Sasquatch hunters every year, some really interesting folks. Would love to join you guys but got problems and work, problems with sick family and a real bad itch to get to the coast for some BTB.

If there is water you can put in at HWY 259 at sunrise and make k-river before dark, if you paddle hard the river can move you at near 9 mph.

Have fun and post a report.
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By Earl
Oh, forgot. You likely will not need any soap or mosquito spray as the water in the k-river showers is about 50% sulphur. :D
By beekeeper
They are telling us that the conditions are near "perfect" with a good flow. The USGS flow gauge for Antlers is not functioning. How to detect if a salesman is lying to you? Watch for lip movement.
By beekeeper
Great trip. Water was about 1300 cf/s. Beautiful country. No dragging, several class I rapids. The K-river campground was beautiful, not crowded, with a casual atmosphere. Pictures coming.
By beekeeper
Summer is setting in now, so I think it will calm down. On the Kiamachi, the water was very cool and refreshing. In the campground, under the canopy of trees, it was hot and muggy, not a leaf stirring.
Beekeeper forgot to talk about the Turtle Falls, haha about 3/4 of the way done we came across what we thought was another fast section. Turn out to be a two foot drop off.with one big log and some big rock in the middle of it. With a whole canoe stuck upside down, sticking out about 3 foot on the left side on river. Well after some serious back paddling, we chose the far left side. And let the turtling begin. But we had so much fun .We regroup and ran the section a couple of time. Our news guy (Beat 72)went 2 for 2, Beekeeper I think went 1 for 2, and I went 2 for 3. Was the first time any of us had seen or done something like that. Mike aka Beat72 has some great pictures and maybe a funny videos, to post soon. Will be going back to Kriver .com . As soon as we can. With the lakes full, rivers should still be running all year. :dance:
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