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I think having to pay for a saltwater stamp and freshwater stamp are enough and depending where you go having to pay to launch or park or both. It would be funny to see a kayak cop though! Little lights and a little siren and some big ol redneck cop with mirrored sunglasses and a cowboy hat. They could invent spike strips that float and puncture the hull!!.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
By Kodiakk
The goverment is horrible with my money they get now. I don't want anymore of my money in their hands. The whole reason why I got into kayaking is I didn't have to worry about more goverment red tape.
By Sc0
I agree with everything against taxing kayaks that has been said.

The reason why I am about to get a kayak is to get OUT of registration fee's. Too many taxes and mismanagement of funds and programs usually by people who care less about the good nature and their positions that they are selected/hired for. Hunting and Fishing licenses are pricey, I work for Uncle Sam so I get the Super-Combo for free but I pay extra for the Public Hunting License. (I haven't hunted yet and think I only fished three times since getting the license last year.) I also get the Texas State Park Pass which also helps the TPWD.

Want to tax more stuff or increase taxes in existing items, then show us the TPWD DETAILED budget from the previous year of where the money went too, including the location expenses and salaries. I work for the Government and see some of the stuff that funds are used for, I am close to the bottom of the ladder too... Mismanagement is the #1 reason to request more employees or more money.

No special provisions are needed for canoeists/kayakers; they are light, portable, and are man powered... Is the TPWD going to install special Kayak launching docks for us? Going to make man-made coves for us on the coast line so launches can be made without hitting waves? Equip officers with Kayaks and training so kayak/canoeists can be accessed and checked while on the water? Eventually more fee's will be added as that is the inevitability of having an out of control/corrupt elected officials, how long will it take is anyone's guess. I remember when SB155 passed, that basically killed all motorized recreational activity around rivers/creeks and led people to other ways to enjoy weekends and have fun. The only people who still go out to Rivers/creeks anymore are those that are gambling fun vs. fines. (I am sure ATV sales plummeted after it was passed, but am pretty positive that the ATV dealers didn't tell potential customers about it either.)
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By Yakoff
Stamp if anything... enforcing is always going to be the big issue.

How many times do you see people pay to enter sea rim... or clean up after themselves anywhere along gulf coast.

Ill never believe more fees are the answer, I've never seen them used force-ably

((( I have been stopped by game and fish, but then again.... I don't consider myself a contributor to the problem... )))
it's a non motorized form of transportation, like a bicycle. Bicycles don't require a registration fee, and neither should kayaks. I already pay a fee for a fishing license, park entrance fees, overnight fees, and probably several others that i don't know about. Keep it the way it is. If a fee must be instituted, I prefer it be in the form of an endorsement on my fishing license rather than having to register each individual kayak. It would be similar to bowhunting or using a sail line. But still, i think this is a bad idea all around.
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By AlanC
I got rid of my bass boat because I found the fees and gas prices getting too high. Of course my property taxes and school taxes went up again even though the actual value of my property is less. I think that the tax and fee situation is getting out of hand and while some may not mind an increase, I do object to registration fees and stamps for kayaks. If it happens I guess I will sell the kayak and go back to surf fishing. If enough kayakers feel the same perhaps they could boycott fishing and hunting for a year. I know that is rough but it would help the fish stocks and show TPWD how much they could loose in fees for fishing and hunting licenses. How many upset kayakers can they afford?
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By EdK
Poll it. Revenuers get plenty. Do a true a true accounting and you will be shocked. Add up Property Tax, beer tax, vehicle tax, gas tax, sales tax. :shock:

:twisted: Now scumbags and people prone to polluting and trashing the beautiful outdoor areas I frequent, that is a different matter. These poor actors need to be put through rigorous re-purposing at the local FEMA re-education camp and placed strategically in impacted areas to clean up the dang mess. This alone would help the marine ecosystem immeasurably. :? Or everyone can act as individual stewards for their environment and commit to picking up a little every-time ya yak.
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By jtzilla
Im totally against it, its non motorized so no fee or license, it needs to stay awesome and cheap,,, because once you open that bag and start charging a license or stamp, the democrats will want thier piece of the pie and it will never stop going up just like the hunting and fishing licenses have never stopped increasing.
Many good arguments are provided above opposing paddle craft registration.
I have a feeling paddlers will be fighting this again - for the 4th time in Texas !
Here are some more oppositional positions from organizations that have fought against registration in other states:

http://www.paddleflausa.com/showpage.as ... gistration
http://www.paddleflausa.com/showpage.as ... paposition
http://www.paddleflausa.com/showpage.as ... caposition
http://www.paddleflausa.com/showpage.as ... esseltypes
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By 5x5
Totally against any fees.

Ant to those saying that buying a Kayak Fishing Stamp is acceptable, I call BS. It is not akin to Bowhunting since you get nothing extra for the fee. Bowhunters get a special hunting season so unless they are going to ban all power boaters from the water for a couple of months a year, it is not acceptable.

I buy a fishing license to FISH. Since I do not have a power boat any more, the kayak is my mode.
There was a time when only 10 hp and above outboards were required to be registered.(taxed).Then it changed to all outboards,then any power including trolling motor. It's never enough taxes for beaurocrats. I register a aluminum boat and a little two man buddy boat.I buy an all water fishing package and a La license. I am taxed enough.
No way or no how will I be in favor of a registration tax. Kayaking itself is a form of conservation. No gas, no motor, no waste. You already are seeing what they are doing with our license fees. Not using it for conservation or what it was supposed to be used for. Do you think this is going to be better? The reason most of us use a kayak is to be free and not be tied down to extra fees and taxes. This is just another ploy by a great politicians to snake more money from the taxpayer, no matter how you look at it. Leave conservation to the non-profits like CCA and Trout Unlimited.
Well, this is my first post on the forum, as I just signed up. I've been on the Texas finishing forum and the Texas hunting forum for a few years, and came across this awesome forum tonight. Glad to be here.

I know everyone hates taxes, but in the city I live in, I don't mind my property taxes, because I can truly see the parks and new rec center built from them - adding to my quality of life.

I do not want to pay taxes that don't improve my life, but if paying a small yearly fee meant improved access, more fish stockings, and more youth outdoors programs, I would gladly be a part of the solution.

As a city engineer, I deal with this quandary daily. No one wants to pay taxes or vote for bond elections, but then they call me and complain that we need new roads and better public amenities. Unfortunately, taxes are critical to getting those projects done.....a necessary evil if you will.

In my opinion, it is all about monitoring where the dollars are going. If the money is being responsibly invested in the outdoors, then it has true value. I have to monitor every single dollar I spend on public improvements, but I'm working in a small town - not sure how closely the dollars are being monitored at the state level.

I bet boat registrations have plummeted and this is just another revenue source. I already paid sales tax, park entry fees and fishing license fees. I cant imagine any reason to give more.. txpw should build a strong volunteer group if they're tight on budget. Dmv better not get near my paddle ;)
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By Red_Ripper
Mythman wrote:For all the reasons already quoted in this post and others, I am unilaterally and totally against kayak registration by any government entity, period!!


I just got into the sport recently. As much as I enjoy kayaking, the main attraction for me was that it is an affordable means of access to fishing areas that were previously unavailable from shore with minimal initial investment (or so I thought! I've been spending a crap load on all kinds of accessories and equipment! :roll: ), not to mention the health benefits from the physicality of paddling! If kayak registration, specialized kayak stamps on the licenses, or any other means of exploiting/extorting environmentally conscious and responsible kayakers is passed... I believe I'll sell my newly acquired Trident 15, go back to shore/surf fishing, and possibly just join the power boat faction when I can afford that! ("can't beat 'em... join 'em?") Who knows... maybe I'll just boycott it all! (who am I kidding? would never quit fishing!)

Seriously though... I already buy the Super Combo every year & the Type II (public lands permit). I haven't used the Type II in at least 2 years, but I buy it anyway in the hopes that this asset will continue to be available for when my boys come of age. My best memories from childhood always involved being outdoors usually hunting or fishing, but also just being out there! IMO... big government is just big business...and I'm sick to death of footin' the bill!
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By Bigrock
Red_Ripper wrote:Seriously though... I already buy the Super Combo every year & the Type II (public lands permit). I haven't used the Type II in at least 2 years, but I buy it anyway in the hopes that this asset will continue to be available for when my boys come of age.

This is an excellent point! Many sportsmen overbuy in support of our outdoor activities. I buy the Super Combo every year with no intention of using all of it's many endorsements. I buy the "duck stamp", but haven't used it in 5 years.

How many NGOs have been formed over the years to help protect our natural resources?....CCA, National Turkey Federation, TDA, TWA, Ducks Unlimited.......list goes on and on.

How many of our TKF chapters have held trash pickups, tournaments to benefit a cause, etc.

Responsible people step forward. There will always be slackers. Another govt. fee will not fix that.
I personally don't wanna give anymore money to an already big government .The problem with yak registration will be that we will probaly have to have titles for them then. if you lose the title it will be worthless and impossible that get another one like in the situation with boats now.I personally have 5 kayaks because I take people down the river and I don't want to have to register them all.
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By Stoic_J
I was considering getting a used, relatively inexpensive jon boat and motor. Thought about the title thing, and taxes to register it, and said forget it. I just got my first kayak a few days ago. If it would have required registering with the government, I wouldn't have gotten it. I swear they're making it where any self-respecting free man wouldn't want to set foot in this country.
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