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I saved the Throat's From a Redfish I recenlty caught. I was hoping someone has an Idea what's the best way to handle them. I thinking Mesquite Grill. Any suggestions?
By Guest
I'd throw them over your neighbors fence... or use them for 'bait'.
By cajunprincess
If anyone suggests throwing away throats as bait, they obviously haven't tasted them & they would probably take the ribs off a pig & throw away the rest. I know your mother taught you better than that. I would suggest grilling with a spicy rub. Kind of like a fish "hot wing", just watch the salt. A mild fish like that doesn't need much.
By Electric Water Boy
Do you have before and after pictures (cooking) of what you're talking about? Never heard of eating a fish throat, but then I never thought about a fish having a throat.
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By Electra-Trout
Just take the throat and take your knife, try to cut it in half without going thru. Season like you would any normal fish. Take it and throw it skin side down on the pit and let it cook until the meat looks like it's gonna fall off the bone.. BAM you're done

Enjoy 8)
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By hookared
Anyone have pics of a "redfish throatectomy"? I was trying this tonight and seemed to butcher it pretty well.
I don't have a picture but it's the meat that is between the Last Gill plate and the Pectoral fin It's a Triangle shaped piece of meat I will Photograph Mine when i thaw it out
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By Pablo
My HS bud, Rick, definitely keeps the throats. Most people get the fillets and chunk the rest. That throat meat is a real delicacy. Just Fry or BBQ it prior to the fillets and then you have some 1st class beer drinking appetizers, while you cook the rest. Not much meat and you have to "pick" at it but it is good!

Carl and I piddled at Armond last Sunday, but didn't come out as good as you with that nice 30"-er. Now, uhh, if you need some direct hands on help cooking that red, don't hesitate to give me a shout!

Pablo :)
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By fishcat
Grill 'em, skin down. "Saltwater Quail". Tastes like swordfish.
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By Willacy County Yaker
Buy some cheese cloth, rap them up, boil them for about 20 min. Remove the from the broth (Bay leaf, Celery, Garlic and Water). After tey cool, separate meat an from bone. Add carrots, rice, and potatoes to broth, some thyme, crushed black pepper, cayane, salt, cumin, and cilantro toward the end. Makes a great soup

That sounds good it's just cold enought for a good pot of Caldo el Pescado! Thanks
By Kayak Kid
Texas Quail, we've called it for years. Grill or broil and top with Garlic, Salt, Pepper and SCHMALTZ (rendered chicken fat), The cholostrol is murder, but the taste is to die for.

Want to get fancy?..........Top, at last minute with teaspoon full of brandy.
By Strider
I have removed, cleaned, prepared, cooked and eaten red snapper and grouper throats. It ain't the actual "throat". It's the part of the body between the gills and ventral fins (including the pectorals). They are meaty and tasty. We battered and fried them whole.

I'm sure redfish throats will be just as good either fried or grilled.
By JunebugPOC
Sop with olive oil, minced garlic, and onion.

Redfish throats are fine, I really enjoy fresh snapper throats though.

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By Mellon
Dumas, my friend, try it just once, you'll never throw another one away.
Hey thanks to everyone, well almost everyone who has responded over the last few months. I thawed these baby's out and they are going to the grill tonight. Some one had requested a picture a while back so I added that as well.
Throat Pic.jpg
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By Barnacle Bill
There isn't much that tops Redfish throats. That is some tender, tasty meat. Now I'm hungry.
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By fishcat
The video "Topwater Tactics for Trout & Redfish" has a segment at the end on cleaning trout + redfish. Jay Watkins shows exactly how to cut the throat out for grilling. It's a thick, symetrical chunk of prime meat, with both fins left on. The vid's about $9 at Academy.
It's been years since I saw that video. Does his throat look like the one I showed earlier?
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By fishcat
It doesnt. That's why i thought about the video. Your pic appears to be maybe one side of a throat. When you cut out the whole thing in one piece you get a very thick cut of meat, triangular in shape. You split that (but do not cut all the way in half) down the middle to flatten and spread it out - "halfshell" style. It really is a choice cut off the Red.

I found one snapshot of somebody's grill with one heart-shaped redfish throat on the upper right side (next to a mess of frog legs). You can see it's the thickest, boneless chunk of meat there.

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By Mellon
Dumas and Bluemule, you have absolutely no idea what your are missing.
It is without a doubt the best fish meat you will ever eat.
Well, except for a rare to medium rare tuna steak...
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I have heard its good. Fishcat your pic didnt come up can you try it again. Next time I'm gonna try to cut the throat out of him a grill it! Sounds awsome.
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By scratch
It sure sounds like I've been missing out. After filleting the fish, I've kept the "undesirable" parts for fish stock. Thanks for the info. I love this this place.
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By Vasca
Fried, or Blackened are also great tasting. I first tasted snapper throats after a day deep sea fishing. The guy that cleaned the fish bagged em up and we took them over to a local restaraunt. Awsome! :lol:
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