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By makenmend
been out of town for couple weeks helping long time friend on house project.

So back home now, here's update on present projects.

1/ smaller planing outriggers to see if I can increase the speed of the Trimaran rig.
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By makenmend
2/ Completely new project. I want to try the Texas 200 and other such events, this is a proven design for this type of event and I should be able to manage single handed if required.
IMGP4194_resize.JPG (44.08 KiB) Viewed 3438 times

Side panels cut and planed to size

bottom panels cut and being bought to size, viewed from bow.

the design is the Core Sound 17'. she'll be an open boat at first, small cuddy may come later.
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By makenmend
3/ A couple of Toto's for good buddies that did the Colorado freeze trip and enjoyed themselves. Can then make many more such trips :wink:
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By makenmend
fully goopied, getting to the glassing stage.
pre coated with thinned epoxy
glass laid out
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By makenmend
Halfway saturated.

and all wetted out

next will be glassing inside, but still have decks and transom to do (could use more bench space :!: )

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By makenmend
Thanks folks, not so much speed as perserverance, and a touch of occupational therapy.

Also dosn't help that I'm addicted :roll:


Preacher I think you may attest to the therapeutic aspect, as your good looking Honey Bee progress's.
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By makenmend
awoodman, that thought has crossed my mind :twisted:

looked over a couple really nice SOF at the sail Oklahoma meet on Eufaula last October, no lack of desire, just space :(

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By makenmend
I'm in a 12 step program :mrgreen:

12 steps from my back porch to the SHOP.

Been gone again for a few days, starting up to relieve the withdrawl symptoms :P

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By makenmend
made some progress the last few days.
The outriggers (Ama's) now have decks,and hulls glassed today.

Glassed inside the Toto, did in 2 half sections so bottom is effectivly doubled.Bow done as seperate section.
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By neon14
Thats some great looking work! I cant help but to notice those outriggers in the first two picks look like tall, skinny, miniature jem paddle boards :D And those decks are beautiful, thats some of the nicest looking under decks I have ever seen!
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By makenmend
Installed inwales,deck sub frames and bulheads.

Cutting inwale to rough size

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By makenmend
Very little movement on the 17'sailboat ( trying to free up space). Did get frames and temporary frames made up

Made a rolling tressle table for this build, for flexibility I added bolt on/off legs with 3 work heights. With double pully block and tackle either end, I can change out as required, or roll the entire assembly in/out the shop.

Thats a Laker 12' sitting on it with the legs at 32''
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By makenmend
Early yesterday morning completed filleting in the bulkheads, rolled 3rd fill coat in main hull and both outriggers.

Goopie the frames

and strap the deck down

next day hurry up and wait for goopie to set real good :!: Nice day for a sail, spent the day running the rigging,for the new version trimaran with now finished outriggers.

running halyards ,sheets,blocks cleats,jam cleats,cam cleats, etc can eat a day up pretty fast, :roll: so the water test will have to be tommorow now

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By makenmend
Update, Well stiching up a smallish sailboat is a lot more work than any kayak I,'ve done :!:
2 days in total to go from 4 flat panels to a recognisable hull.

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By makenmend
And here's the hull ready for fillet's

another observation, doing the goopie work on this will suck up a ton more epoxy and wood flour :roll:
and it's way harder on an old back, but there's no quitting now
fillets done and seams taped
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By awoodman
[quote="makenmend"]And here's the hull ready for fillet'sanother observation, doing the goopie work on this will suck up a ton more epoxy and wood flour :roll:
and it's way harder on an old back, but there's no quitting now.

Yea some of us are a glutton for punnishment...the mind is willing but the lower back is weak... :P
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By makenmend
Yea some of us are a glutton for punnishment...the mind is willing but the lower back is weak...

To true, also lying on a hard dusty ( I need to clean ) concrete floor removeing wire stitches isn't fun either, then getting up at 2 am to smooth out the keel fillet you did at 8 pm , makes one wander about these addictions :roll:

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By makenmend
well the 1st of the 2 boats for my buddiies is now done and was cristened on a Brazos trip last month.


The 17' sailboat still moving, but slow, not so easy to turn over on ones own :!: Glassed one side then run short of cloth, sould be here monday, then turn again and start fitting out the inards.

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