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By larry long shadows
Well you don't make promises to kids and women ...Jo Lynn my room mate reminded me I said I would take her camping on her birthday. so we went to Guadalupe River Lazy L&L camp grounds. We had a blast got there Friday night and stayed till Sunday. It was Jo's first kayak trip she did good a real trouper took one lil plunge right off the bat at I first lil crossing. I took the dutch oven and make a apple pie I say I did but she did all the cooking. I tried to help but she was having to much fun..they were catching trout but not me...Friday night the wind was blowing bad and then came the rain .. we had to jump up at about 2am and put fly on..Sat. night was cold but it felt great..all the ground is hard clay no grass so I got a astro turf carpet $18 bucks at Home depot and it came in handy in front of tent..
She is still Thanking me for a Great Birthday.....and I keep bragging on how great a camp cook she is.. :mrgreen: .Thats to keep her the camp cook for future trips :lol:
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By Hirsch
Looks like a great trip. Youi can tell her we all take spills. Now the two of you need to join us on our 4 day trip next week!!!

We will have to do a truck camp trip so you can teach me to use the dutch oven I have here.
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By Gutter Girl
OK, that's it - I need (read: want) to get a Dutch oven! I'm tired of reading about everybody cooking with them and turning out great stuff! While at CBSP last month, I had some cake made in one and I'm telling you that was as good as anything I've ever done. Just gonna have to get one!

BTW, Larry, nice photos and sounds like y'all had a great trip! Now that she's gotten a taste of the good life, surely there will be more of these weekends in your future! I suspect you won't mind taking her! :D

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By larry long shadows
The Pie...Gutter Girl we just winged it...I was going to use fresh apples but things changed so we went with frozen croissant for crust canned apple sugar and cinnamon...it was OK... Jo loved it...we cook it on the metal table ..coals on bottom and top then when done moved it close to fire to keep warm...note you don't need table a Boy Scout gave me table and works great.. plus tongs for hot coals and leather gloves a must.. I have to be honest I have only cooked deserts so far....
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Looked like fun Larry. I like your the dutch oven setup. One of the next few trip we'll have to make room for the ovens, I've got a few recipes too.
Cool picture of the lizard.
By Fished
Larry, I like your table. The wind blocks are too short on the one I have. I haven't done very many deserts in mine DO's. I have done lots of roasts and whole chickens. They do cook good!
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