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By Malibu_X
So I see pics of yaks and I see camping threads well how about camping pictures with your kayaks? I'm trying to plan a good kayak camping weekend and was curious what other peoples kayak campsites look like. such as, do you find a camping park or do you stay on the rivers shore? I'll post mine when I get some pics. And do you prefer a SIT-ON-TOP or a SIT-INSIDE yak? and Y? (when going overnight camping)
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By Hirsch
I am not sure what you are looking for, but if you will run through these threads you will find tons of them.



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By Hirsch
DSC00874[1].JPG (14.47 KiB) Viewed 5534 times

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securedownload[1] (2).jpg (20.72 KiB) Viewed 5534 times

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By Aggroman
I love the camp photos, more than the fish pics, but not as much as the camp food pics. :D

You always do a great job with that Hirsh, and I always look forward to your reports because of it.

By Infidel
Solo trip. Just the boat, a sand bar, sleeping pad and a sleeping bag. It got pretty cold and the bag got condensation on it, planning on using the tent next time.


That was a long night

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By Hirsch
It is not always so fancy Scott. :lol:

I doubt you will be seeing many steaks until after this drought with the attendant burn bans is gone. I have tried the Mountain Home meals and fiind them convenient and fairly tasty, especially the spaghetti, lasagne and stroganoff. A little added seasoning (Greek seasoning and Cholula) makes the beef stew pretty good too. :)



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By Hirsch
Infidel I have done a few solos like that and it works well. One night summer trips and a cold meal (I like an everything bagel with summer sausage, dried fruit and nuts) are good. I am afraid I am a few years and herniated discs past the pad though. I put down a 6x8 poly tarp with air mattress. With a decent flashlight and hat brim hat lanterns become optional.

I do notice that unless I am night fishing when I am alone I go to bed with the sun. :D
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By Malibu_X
Dude I think a solo trip would be a nice exscape from the world! I too love looking at pictures mainly because I am new to kayaking....not camping though. I always wanted a kayak and now that I have one I am addicted to any kayaking! Especially this forum!
By dhays
Malibu_X wrote:Do you like your nucanoe?

I really love my Nucanoe. It is stable, and as you can see, will carry a load. While it is not a speed demon, I have had no problem paddling, tracking, or keeping up with other boats. It is heavy, (85lbs), but unless I have to do a lot of portaging, that is not a problem for me. If I were buying a kayak for pleasure paddling, it would not be my choice, but for fishing, and kayak camping it is great.
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By CityByTheSeaCitizen
Midway on the float from the Morris Shephard dam to Rochelle's. Open air camping in October. This is a campsite that is used by many.
Brazos Campsite
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By joshcad85
Awesome post guys. I think I will have to check this out sometime. I don't know if my OK Frenzy would hold all of my stuff, but I will give it a shot.
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