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By On the Guad
Left the house at 5am and headed to Austin in the cold and rain. Met up with DNR at the 183 overpass and unloaded. We were on the water around 7:30. By the time we shoved off the rain had subsided but I noticed there was no flow. Looked like we were in for some paddling. The one thing I wasn't looking forward to was the wind and no flow makes for some tired bodies at the end of the day.


We fished hard the first day with both of us catching double digit numbers of bass. Dave caught one 0ver 18" and I had three this day that were over 5lbs apiece.

I caught a few fish on a PopR during the three days but most of my fish came on a Texas Rig. No luck for me with the jig so it stayed in the rod holder most of the time.
Weather was not too bad the first night, it did get a little cold during the night but not bad.

Woke up early on day two and caught some nice bass around the island in some deep holes. We fished for a little bit then we made a long paddle to go meet the rest of the party that would be joining us for the rest of the trip. This is where the wind really started blowing hard and created some nice whitecaps to paddle through.
Met up with Larry Longshadows and his brother Johnny and Dave's friend Jay and away we went again paddling to some deeper water in pursuit of fish.
The fishing was good again as the Texas rig was tearing them up. We made it to the big island with enough daylight to gather wood and get the tents set up. The evening was the highlight of the trip as after dinner the spirits were flowing and between the stories and Larry singing the song to us that he finally finished we probably stayed up way too late.
Once again the wind was a factor as we worked our way back to the takeout.
Thanks to my fishing friends for another great trip and Happy New Years to all.

Here is a link to the pictures from the trip that I took.
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By Hirsch
I have a good supply of it and grillin beans in my kayak gear in the garage so next trip. :D

I have a feeling there will be several trips coming up in the spring including a longer one in March so be watching! :)

larry long shadows wrote:
Hirschhunter wrote:Thanks, looks like it was a great trip. Sorry I missed it.

We missed you ....I forgot to get the German Potatoe
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We did get lucky with the weather (again), seems that even in drought times I pick a day that it is supposed to rain (but doesn't).
But it was Texas December weather, perfect.

The first part of this trip is through some great fishing areas. On the Guad was catching some nice fish.
Here's a 20"er

I was catching fish but the bigger ones were eluding me. Still, the 16"-19" fish were fat and put up some good fights.
Look at those bellies.


And the Guad Hybrids, a brown eyed one with lots of smallmouth genes.

We made home on the usual island, it was a nice relaxing evening.

During the night the water dropped quite a bit.

That will usually hurt the fishing, but on one of my first few cast I got hit by a nice one.
Pretty fish.

We had to do some paddling to meet up with the rest of Thrusdays group. Met up with my friend Jay and a few miles down river with Larry and his brother. Then it was back to fishing.

Red eyed Guad hybrid


Larry's brother doing some fly fishing.

Then it was back to paddling as the daylight was leaving us, I bet me and Robert did about 5 miles of power paddeling that day, but we had 12+ miles of river to cover with no flow, and well, were fishermen and it was hard to stop casting.


It was a beautiful night on the island; good company, good food, perfect weather.
It was nice.
If you haven't had the pleasure of camping with Larry, then you don't know that he is quite the songwriter.
He'd prepared a song for us, and it was great.
Really good job Larry.

Oh, and the food shot.
It was steaks, potatos, beans, tamales, and few other things.
I had venison backstrap myself.

We only had a few miles to go the last day, fishing and fighting the wind.

Was a great trip guys, glad you made it.

bowgarguide wrote:Looks like a great trip , I need to hook up with you on one of these trips.
Thanks for the report.

You say that every time :lol:

Dave puts together a great trip, you would like it.
Plus, there are catfish and gar :wink:
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