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By Hirsch
Picking up a new member named BobbyR in Copperas Cove.Friday midmorning we loaded and headed out for Junction, TX and the South Llano River. After a stop at Cooper's BBQ in Llano we arrived early afternoon Meeting the host, Wierd1 (Cord) we found shade to escape the 100 plus degrees temperature for the afternoon visiting and getting acquainted.. As sun set we pitched tents and started a dinner of steaks and sausage. After cleaning up we retired to bed at a reasonable hour.

Up woth the sun the next morning we had individual breakfasts and got packed. Cord's friend Katie arrived about 9:30. After arrainging shuttles and getting the boats loaded we got underway on a 16 mile course that would take two days. Katie was new to kayaking and fishing. As Cord says he gave her a kayak and a paddle and shoved her into the river. She took to it like a pro often leading reading the water accurately and handling rapids like a veteran. Unfortunately about 15 minutes into the trip I got turned sideways and thrown into a boulder wrapping my canoe around it. Only with the help of Cord I managed to get it off with most of the equipment on board. Pulling ashore and emptying the equipment we got the canoe turned and emptied, reloaded and were on our way.

The country was absolutely beautiful and we fished our way down with a little success. Around 2:00 we pulled into a shady spot by the bank in another afternoon of 100 plus degree temps. Standing in waist deep water we used our boats as trays eating lunch enjoying the relative cool. Shoving off we continued our way until about 6:00 and pulled up on a small island with a small amount of falt area. As Cord set his and Katies tents bobby and I stretch tarps, blew up our mattress and prepared for a night under the stars. That night dinner was a simple affait. Bobby and I had freeze dried dinners and Cord opened cans for he and Katie. Tired from the day we crashed about 10:00.

Again rising with the sun we had breakfast, packed and shoving off by 8:30. About a mile downstrean a woman told us we were only about half way tp our terminal so we picked it up. Still we fished enough to let us learn that beginners luck would make her the money fisherwoman had we had the pot. She outperformed everyone else in numbers and size with a very nice Guadalupe bass.

Eating as we floated we pulled in to our landing about 4:30 ending what all agreed was an enjoyable and successful trip.

P.S. You will see that Cord still uses training wheels!
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By fisher of people
Thanks for the report and pics, Hirsch. I would have a hard time picking a favorite river in Texas, but the South Llano is right up there! Incredibly beautiful water and scenery.
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By larry long shadows
Good post Paul ...bet that was freaky wrapped around a rock..Just chalk that up as a learning exp...You can now say been there done that.... :D
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By BobbyR
I want to thank Paul, and Cord for a great trip. I had a ball and I'm looking forward to many more trips, but next time I hope wont get skunked. And Katie congrats on catching that nice bass.
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Another great Centex river camp trip.
Wish I could have gone.
Love the scenery.

I would have been freaking out seeing that new boat wrapped around a rock.
Glad it took it well, guess it was made for that.
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By 152 Sumo
Firefly49 wrote:Beautiful pic's.......and enjoyed the report. Real bummed out that I missed it :cry:

X2! I wish I could have made it. Maybe next time.
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By Beve
Can't beat the Llano! Looks like a fun trip.

Paul you really are cranking out some good trips!
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By Aggroman
Only 90 minutes away and have yet to get my yak wet in the llano. There should be a law against that. Great report and pics!
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By Hirsch
Beve wrote:Can't beat the Llano! Looks like a fun trip.

Paul you really are cranking out some good trips!

Thanks Beve, I miss your old reports and am still waiting for you to join us on a trip! :D
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By Sanditos
Thanks Hirsch,........ Had me a dip in the Llano last month. Good for the Texan soul. Thanks for the post. :clap:
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By Hirsch
An awful lot of the credit goes to Wierd1 for planning and putting it together. Bobby and Katie were great travel companions.

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