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By Drmsfish
Has anyone had any problems camping around Light House Lakes? I plan to find an island. I know the light house is privately owned, but have never observed any no trespassing signs elsewhere. Called the TPW and General Land Office and they indicated no knowledge. I am only asking in case the South Bay State Scientific area has any camping exclusions.
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By Drmsfish
We're back. Pics to come!. Camping was A+ and fishing was a little average but good.
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By Drmsfish
Late report but here goes: Two Texans met two from Kansas at the Crabman Marina in Aransas Pass on Thursday Oct 22 with a cool front approaching. Our plan was to use two poling skiffs and kayaks to fish thru Sunday. It took about an hour to find a suitable camp site out in the islands of LHL. What Google Earth lists as 4 feet above sea level may be in the high tide zone. FYI... there are some foreboding signs over on San Jose Island on the Lydia Ann Channel. Don't know if you can camp within the high tide mark or not, but didn't want to find out. We hauled two boat loads of gear and set camp with the 5th sucker joining us around 5pm. One more boat load of gear and we were set. We had a view of the ICW as well as mangrove flats so all was well. We all had trouble sleeping thru the N winds the first night, which succeeded in beaching both boats mainly due to our laziness after eating a good meal of fresh burgers. Friday dawned cool, blue and windy and fish were quite spread. All 5 guys were flyfishing only concentrating on shallow water. The two guys from Kansas fished the channel and did well on smallish trout with some bigger reds and occasional flounder mostly on sinking flies. I am only happy if I can see my fish prior to catching them so the other 2 guys and myself focused on shallow flats with a few reds to show. The reds were only seen in 1s and 2s and were rarely feeding or tailing. Tough conditions. Saturday we ran about 14 miles to some back lakes on San Jose Island finding some of the most beautiful grass/sand flats I have ever fished in that area. Donnie mustered 3 reds and 2 hardheads, all on fly. This was my fishless day but the isolation and scenery were so perfect, I had no worries. Saturday night we had some thick marinated ribeyes and grilled peaches for dessert. Sunday AM we found a stiff SE breeze and resorted to blind casting in channels as the tides were high, as they were all weekend. Brian, new to flyfishing altogether had stuck it out all weekend fishless but found a school and landed 15 or so trout all on fly in under an hour. I fished 30 yds away and landed a redfish, black drum, trout, ladyfish and lastly a flounder to complete some kind of odd Texas slam. All fish were small but enjoyable! Donnie had stayed at camp due to a head cold but waded out in the mangroves 50yds behind camp. Of course he found the largest red of the trip (24") WAY back in the mangroves in a 20 foot wide creek. Once he hooked it on a spoonfly, he had to high stick his rod and literally run after the fish as it retreated to the larger flat off the creek channel. Overall the camping was A+ and made this one of my favorite, if not the favorite, saltwater flyfishing trips for me ever. The larger fish were scattered, not podding or schooling and overall we had tough conditions. As to camping, we had too much gear but that's what an 18' boat with 60hp Yamaha are for! The guy poling the TFO Mitzi skiff is Capt. Paul "Sodie" Sodaman of Flatslander Guide Service (KS/FL) and an old friend of mine. He was gracious enough to teach us handmade furled leaders, new knots and other things of flyfishing each night around the tent. I thank the PACK organization for motivation and tips for this trip.
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By Drmsfish
Here's one of the camp. I plan to actually post some fish pictures later...really...we did fish some in between meals and sleeping late! By the way, have I mentioned this camping forum is outstanding?
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By Drmsfish
A few more...the first one is the back lake area on San Jose Island and my first time to haul 3 sizeable dudes and yaks 15miles. We did some towing of yaks but this would not suffice for long distance.
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By Drmsfish
last run of photos..Brian with his first or second saltwater fish on 'da fly...releasing a fighter and paddling out of the back lakes.
Thanks for all your hard work a effort Doc! The trip was killer. Enjoyed hanging out with Brian, Cap. Sodie and Kurt. Looking forward to another trip.
I've used my new leader tying abilities and have already tied a handful.
Thank you my friend. That's a trip for the books. I have fished some great waters and had some stellar days but camping out there ranks as one of my favorites, if not favorite of all adventures. I think we all really need some more time in the great outdoors!
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