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Well my wife and I were finally able to go camping 21-23 Oct. It was the first time we have gone camping and I am so glad we chose the place we did. It is absolutley amazing at the enchanted rock. I did rain all night on the 21st but we stayed dry in the tent so no loss there. Thursday was beautiful and we hiked the loop trail. That trail was around 4 miles long and was just amazing. We had a herd of deer spend around 45 minutes with us while the grazed in the camping area. Climbing to the top of the enchanted rock quickly reminded me how out of shape I am in. Oh well it was worth it the view from the top was amazing. We ate well and we tried the turtle recipe that was on this fourm.
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By larry long shadows
Night Wing wrote:Thanks for posting these photos. 8) When I click on them, they enlarge and the enlarged size make great Desktop photos. :D

Thanks Night wing I did not know they would enlarge when clicked
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By Night Wing
larry long shadows wrote:Thanks Night wing I did not know they would enlarge when clicked

Since TKF went to this new format, how do you think I've been getting some of the nice photos on here to make into Desktops? :wink: More than one way to skin a squirrel on here when it comes to getting some nice Desktops for my computer. :lol:
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By Drmsfish
Great photos! I ran a duathlon there last March and it was 30 degrees at start! To make you feel better, the loop trail is actually 5 miles. TP&W says 4, but the race coordinator non -chalantly announced at start time it was actually measured at 5 instead of 4, much to my shagrin! I'll be back there in March. Are the camp sites primitive or do they have water/electricity?
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By Gutter Girl
Drmsfish wrote:it was actually measured at 5 instead of 4, much to my shagrin!

I knew it, I just knew it! My girlfriend and I have never been able to figure out why it takes us so long!!! Now I know!

Every other year we hike around ER on our Hotter than Hell hike, generally in mid-July. Sort of a little test of our fortitude and to prove to ourselves that even in our 50s we can still do it in the heat! Lots of noshing, hydration and general hilarity. Afterwards, we clean up and head up to Cooper's in Llano for some 'cue.

In addition to the main camping area (yes, no electricity but restrooms and ramadas over the picnic tables and lots of shady sites) they have some primitive sites accessed by the loop with just an outhouse nearby. My only camping has been about two miles in with 3 other women. Well worth the effort as we saw a full moon rise up over a ridge that was stunning on a clear night. Lots of laughing and giggling through the night - hope we didn't keep the wildlife awake!
By yakfaster
one of my favorite places in texas! we took a trip there in the spring and slept on the side of the road on the way to the park, woke up for a great sunrise and spent the rest of the day rock climbing and hiking. what a great place.
By thrasher
E-Rock is a really neat place. Glad y'all got to enjoy it!

That is where I learned to climb. We used to climb some of the bolted routes on the backside of the domes. We'd leave Houston after work on a Friday, arrive at E-Rock, backpack through the canyon to the backcountry and make camp in the moonlight. Great climbing and camping for Saturday and Sunday morning.
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