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Has anyone camped at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area near fredricksburg, TX,? My wife and are thinking of going in mid October. Any Advise? We have a tent and some camping gear. We are not looking to do a back packing trip. Hiking yes, but we will camp at one of the sites closer to the road.


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By Lance
Haven't camped there but love to spend the day hiking the rock. It's beautiful there.

Enchanted rock doesn't allow campers, so we usually stay somewhere else and drive there. Pedernales Falls park is cool. We've stayed there before and it's not too far from Enchanted rock.

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By Jerry Hamon
Well, it's been nearly 30 years since we've camped there but it was beautiful then and still is.
Lots of cool stuff to see there and close by. LOTS of geocaches in the park and surrounding areas.
I have been working in Fredrickburg off and on for the last few years...I call it The Out door Mall/ Retail City/ Old Age World...But I do like the area and The Rock is great .. If in town on the far end by the post office is Porkies Onion Ring burger joint good burger..
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By mackerel
I have only primitive camped there but have always had a great time. Have hiked through the car camping campsites and they look nice. Make a reservation for a campsite, they fill up quick. Keep your food secure from raccoons. If your in Fredricksburg and like beer be sure to stop by Fredricksburg Brewing Company. Good beer and food.
By product19
I haven't camped there for a while but ditto on the raccoons. They are quite clever when it comes to getting food. They have a loop trail which is easy and should only take a few hours. Also try the Echo Canyon trail.

I also recommend hiking up the main dome. It is a lot more strenous but the view is nice. Take lots of water.
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By Drmsfish
I did a race there in March and it was 30 degrees at 8am! by the time I finished 2.25 hrs later, the park was full to capacity. I'll be there again March 29th and can't wait. We "camped" in a little cabin with heat over at Inks and drove over. Nice mix as Inks as good fishing.
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By Justin_Time
I have been there many times. My grandparents live in FBG. The camping is great! I am sure you will have a great time. Bring a little corn for the deer. They will almost eat out of your hands.



By Phishtech
[quote="product19"]I haven't camped there for a while but ditto on the raccoons. They are quite clever when it comes to getting food.

Even if you secure your food they'll get in all of your outside gear looking for it. The only solution we've found is feeding them til they're full. We save the supper scraps, mix it with dry dog food, add a little water to soften it and leave a big bowl out for the little buggers. So far it's worked great, they get full and go somewhere else.
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