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By Dr Jeff
got there about 1pm,caught some mullet, & set 1 rod out w/live bait while I threw arties w/ another,parked on Buzz's sandbar & set stake out pole thru scupper hole on my newly rigged - for- fishing yak. It's 1st trip on flat water-been used mostly for yakking out shark baits. Anyway, I was throwing a Gulp jerk bait tandem rigged w/ a Strike King 3X floating jerk minnow on the end of the leader.the 3x got slammed on the 1st cast,I waited, then nothing., Soon, the Gulp got hit,waited, then nada.,but tore the hook out of the head end .I started working the rod w/ mullet & picked up 2 flatties before Buzz arrived. THe wind died & the skeeters came out in force,so I sprayed myself w/ Cutters Advanced & never got another bite! So here's my theory: fish can detect sunscreen & skeeter dope & don't like the taste anymore than we do!BTW: Buzz caught 4 & didn't get there 'til almost 4pm.you've all seen lots of pics of flatties, so I thought I'd post pics of my bananna boat.
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Nice looking setup and good to hear you had a good day on the water. BTW I have been using Cedar Cide for a repellent and it works great, it is made from Red Cedar which is a natural insect repellent.

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By Night Wing

Where do you get Cedar Cide?
By Strider
That is a fine looking Navigator there, a twin to mine except I have the "O" hatch fwd of the seatwell. Your outriggers are cool lookin' too. Great idea to set out a big bait and let it soak while you're casting. No reason ya gotta put all your money on one horse.

I fish with bait a lot. I have to be real careful about what I put on my hands too. You are right. The fish can smell it, and most of the time don't like it. Bug repellent especially.

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By davewave12
Nice rig..about your outriggers did you make em or buy em and how much more stable is it with em and do they slow you down, questions, questions, questions, inquiring minds wanna know! :roll: :D
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By Dr Jeff
davewave: yes I made them. The pontoons are 8"x15" lobster bouys placed end-to-end.1/2 round slot filed out to go around 1" pvc vertical support & joint & all pvc filled w/ Great Stuff foam-expands like crazy.I have them set to just skim the water-no drag.I can lower them into the water to give a stable enough platform to stand up,when I go back to flats fishing this Spring.I got the bouys at a marine supply in San Leon-$8 apiece.The 1st set I made for a Tarpon 160, I ordered from Maine for$5 each +$18 shipping.Kayak Fishing Stuff sells the whole kit using ball socket RAM rocket launchers,& they have some good articles by folks that have them mounted-much better set-up than mine(but 3x the cost).I just like to make things.I also made my kayak cart from PVC.If you decide to make some ,I'll help you.Mounting & bracing is different for every yak.
BTW: I caught 3 more flatties Wed,from 2-5pm, 16,17,18".
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By Dr Jeff
Kfs Sells a kit minus the PVC. you still have to fabricate the arms supporting the bouys. stability? almost impossible to turtle. I was fishing the MOB (mouth of Brazos) again today & numerous PB's hit me w/ waves that the size of the one that turtled me in a Tarpon 160. A friend in a nearby flatbottom yelled " heads up, big wakes coming"!I just kept on fishing- they just rolled on by-no sweat. thats the difference-when I go fishing, I can totally relax.
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By ELWJ2001
Yea fish can smell sunscreen or bug repelant. Thats why I dont use sun screen while out there and for some reason bugs dont mess with me, maybe because 15years of being in the sun has made my skin like leather and no bug can pierce through it.
By Mrz_Tarpon_Tamer
Very kewl "banana boat". Great report. How big were the flatties?
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By Fla-Fish
Dr Jeff sweet looking yak I also ordered the lobster bouys from KayakFishingStuff.com they are in a box in the garage.
Cobra's are great and very stable I have the FnD and have never had
a worry about stability. Not sure if I will add the outriggers to it or not.
Got them so I could stand and fly fish from it in the marshes. Or I could just loose 30lbs and not worry about it. Let's get together I would like to see your outrigger setup. I would build my own also. pick your brain for ideas and see how much difference they make.
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By Dr Jeff
Hey Flafish! I'll help you build 'em, or you can come over & look at mine.call me at 832-618-6736.I'm ready to hit the flats w/ you.The FnD is a very stable yak,but a tank to paddle. The training wheels just add a lot of comfort to being out there-AH power boaters,barges,etc. Depends on where you fish.How much difference? When everyone else is turtling, coming back in after yakking baits out, I just ride the waves in sideways,Priceless!
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By Dr Jeff
I should add, before anyone tries this technique, you have to stick your paddle into the wave & lean into it-how much depends on the height & steepness of the wave.,it's a matter of feel. I weigh 230 & sometimes I lean as hard as I can! Haven't turtled since adding the training wheels.LOL .BTW: I turtled off the tip of Bolivar in a T160 when a barge wave filled a sink,& sunk a 12' flatbottom near me. I was rescued in the ship channel-thus my caution.It was my 1st day in a yak & I had waders on that filled w/water-my stupidity.
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By Dr Jeff
OK,another addendum. Since the Navigator,which is a great surf yak, doesn't have a flat floor, I can add a casting platform, or trade for a Ride,for fishing the flats.
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