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By Wetneck
Decided to take my wife and Meggy kayak fishing. This was her 1st trip out and she was very excited. She always wants to hold and pet the fish when I bring them home. A little on the strange side since she's a Barbie girl. Who said there couldn't be Reneck Barbie or Fishin Barbie, right. Anyway we had a great 4 hours. Only 1 speck and Meggy caught it. Also got to see some Pelicans crash and some trash eaters stealing our shrimp. It was a great seed planted today and I hope she continues to love fishing and kayakin. Oh yeah and my wife had fun filmin from her Tarpon120. Great Sunday :)
Meggy and the wife Tracy before our launch.
Meggy helping me paddle:)
Meggy's Speck
By Mrz_Tarpon_Tamer
TOO CUTE! Way to go Wetneck! Get that girl started early. I Used to be a Barbie Girl, but am a redneck. there is NOTHING wrong w/being pretty and still wanting to get your hands dirty or hang w/the boys. ANd mattel needs to come out w/a fishing barbie or a redneck barbie (one place they have not targeted yet). Looks like a great day on the water was had by all. Way to go Meggy! Turn that cutie into a killer lady angler!
By SeawallBound
Notice the hat your wife has on. Crooked Creek Ranch?

I cowboyed on a few ranches near Dubois Wyoming/Idaho are you affiliated with that guide service?

Or are yall from them same woods I am from? :D

Sorry for the highjacked thread
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By coach_lancaster
Way to get em started! Your two girls sure do look just alike.
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By coach_lancaster
Way to get em started! Your two girls sure do look just alike.
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By Mythman
WTG Dad, she is a cutie!!!
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By Hookem
awsome man!!! 8)
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By redloon
Great pics. I really like the PFD your little girl is wearing. Redloon.

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