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By mwatson71
I fished a little private lake in NE Texas last night from the Hobie while my son fished from a paddle boat. Rods were already rigged with a tandem with 2” swim shad on one and a Vudu shad on another. If they work in salt, they should work in fresh, right? How different can largemouth fishing be from specks? The answer - I caught 3 small largemouth and 4 bluegill on the tandem set up, and another largemouth on the Vudu shad, all in about an hour right at dusk. My son managed 2 small largemouth and a couple of bluegill as well on his tandem rig.

I caught the biggest bluegill I have ever seen in real life. It was almost 9” long.
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By kickingback
:clap: Well done Sir. I miss the fresh water fishing especially crappie catching! Well done SIr and son. Glad ya'll got into em. Shoffer and I should take you to Conroe sometime to fish that fresh lake. Good bass and crappie there.
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