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By Cityfisher
I had Friday off because of the holiday falling on a Saturday and thought it would be good to get out then instead of Saturday or Sunday. We headed to San Leon to launch at Eagle Point Fish camp. Arrived around 7 am. We fished along the shorelines to the left fishing for a while with not even a bite. then we came upon a little cove that had a good current running in and out of it with the tide and the big tanker wakes rolling in. That's where we finally started catching. My friend caught the first fish, it was a 18" spec. Then I started catching some good size croaker. I lost count of the may fish we all caught. Black drum, red fish, speckled trout, croaker and a few hardheads. My friend cught the keeper trout and his step son caught 2 keeper black drum. All I caught were undersized. We all ran out of bait around noon so headed in, loaded up and went to our new favorite place for lunch down there, Gilhooleys. Very good food and a lot of it! Was a great day to get out on the water.
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By Cityfisher
Chubs wrote:Looks like a good day on the water. We're y'all using frozen shrimp?

I was using frozen shrimp my buddy and his step son was using live shrimp. I'm sure that's why I didn't catch any trout but they did.
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