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By UTGuy
Took my kayak out for the first time today to Pierce Marsh. I wasn’t expecting much since the water level was so high but I was off work and people seem to mention it often as a good place to start out. I was expecting to just gain some experience peddling and enjoy the morning. I put in at Louis’ at 6:30 and went into the second entrance after the railroad tracks. I roamed around for about 30 minutes and didn't see anything obvious so I decided to pick some spots to blind cast. I caught 2 20 inch redfish and some undersized trout over the course of about an hour and a half. Eventually I moved to a more open part of the marsh (just by dumb luck) and saw bait in the water so I started drifting in that area. During my hour and a half there I caught more undersized trout and also a 23 inch trout (my personal best). I headed north and tried a few random spots, catching a few more undersized trout, before exiting the first entrance and heading back to the truck. Turned out to be a great first kayak trip for me!



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By karstopo
Heck yea it did! Nice report!

I saw the photo of the trout and it didn’t click right away that it was a trout. I think this high water has some good fish well back into the marsh and secondary bays as judging by some of the reports I’ve seen.
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By JW FunGuy
I would say you did all the right things. Good job and thanks for the nice report. It’s funny how sometimes I have my best days when “I’m not expecting much”!
By UTGuy
Thanks for the comments. Regarding the trout, I was also surprised by the lack of speckles when I landed it. They are there but I guess a little zooming in is required.

Another odd bit that I left out of the report was that somehow in the first spot, I managed to foul hook a turtle in the foot. It fought like nothing I have experienced until I got it up to the kayak. I didn't take a picture as I was focused on not lifting the turtle out of the water at all. The hook was removed, the turtle swam off safely, and I was left in disbelief.
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By Dandydon
Nice fishing report, UT Guy, and nice handling of that foundering Sea turtle.
I'm weird about pets and women (so much trouble for declining returns), but do love turtles, horned frogs, and beautiful birds adorning my backyard feeders.

P.S. I attended U.T. Law School and was proud of the Horns today scoring that many points on the pesky Sooners.
Go Astros!

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By shoffer
That kind of success on your first outing will be the death of you. It would be akin to hooking up with Kate Upton for your first time in high school.

Nice report, UTGuy. Anyone named UTGuy can fish with us anytime.
By UTGuy
Thanks again for the comments. I certainly felt lucky to have caught anything on my first trip out. I live in Kingwood and have 2 young kids so time can be limited. I’m hoping to make it out once every 4-6 weeks or so.
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