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By mkaiser9
This morning my brother and I kayaked the surf. Got in the water at 6:30 and it was beautiful. Started slow. Then, around 8:00 am the sky started raining seagulls all around us. Shrimp were scattering everywhere. Two 10 count shrimp even jumped in my kayak. Specks were annihilating the shrimp. Some specks were even running in to my hull. Then, everything would die down. Minutes later we would see seagulls down the surf from us. We would race over to them and catch a few. Then, die down. This happened 4 or 5 more times the next 3 hours. It slowed down and we had to get home. We got off the water at 11:30. My brother caught his limit plus some dinks. I managed only 3 keepers. I lost 3 others at the kayak. It was definitely the most exciting day on the water for us! I used shrimp under cork the whole time. My brother used shrimp under cork for half the time and DOA shrimp under cork the other half.ImageImage

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By mkaiser9
Unrelated, this picture was taken the day before at a neighborhood pond of my boys and I.Image

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By Brucell
bones72 wrote:That's pretty dang awesome. I miss when my boys were that young.

Me Too! They grow up too fast.
Thanks for sharing, Tis just a season...
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By Chubs
Nice report and pics. I'm growing to be a true believer in doa shrimp. I couldn't catch crap with them previously, but discovered you need to slow it down a little with them for them to be effective, and man can they be effective under a popping cork thanks to the belly weight, and you can cover some water with that cork too. They also sit right under that cork I think with the belly weight instead of nose down ala jighead.
By imaoldmanyoungsalt
mkaiser9 wrote:Unrelated, this picture was taken the day before at a neighborhood pond of my boys and I.Image

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That's a great picture. I miss those days with my boys but the good news is they grow up and have kids and you get to start over with grandkids! Took my grandson fishing yesterday and had a blast.

Nice job there dad!

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