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By Neumie
Drove down to Pot Aransas on Friday to catch Max Stalling at the Back Porch. He put on a great show, but I didn't get back to Rockport until almost 1:30. Set my alarm for 4:30, but ended up snoozing it until 5:30. I hit the road north to Indianola and launched around 7:30 into a small lake just before the marina.

Winds were surprisingly "calm" so I decided to paddle across to the future Powderhorn Ranch SP shoreline. My initial plan was to fish the marshes, but with the wind and laying eyes on it for the first time I didn't feel confident with it. I launched with another kayaker who was going to soak bait around those lakes.

This small stretch had oyster shells piled up but layered under the top soil. My first thought was this was were Karankawa indians used this spot to shuck oysters.


Started throwing topwater along the shoreline in 18" of water. There signs of fish in the area as balls of bait were being attacked. As I was burning my topwater back in to recast a 26" red crushed it.


I strung it up and worked my way down the shoreline. I did stakeout and wade for a bit where there was a lot of activity. Tossed topwater, hunchback, and grasswalker for a bit. I had a thump on the grasswalker, but that was it. Hoped back in to the kayak and paddled north to the pocket and used the wind to drift down the opposite shoreline, but didn't get a bump.


Diced to call it a day, and since I paddled into the wind on my out in the morning I had it to my back coming in. I barely even had to paddle. The wind pushing me back to the launch at a decent 2.5 mph; only made minor adjustments with my rudder.

There three other kayakers fishing in the lakes when I came back, 2 of which fishing with live bait. I didn't see any stringers. The powerboaters within Powderhorn seemed to be moving with high frequency as well. So, Not sure how the fishing was on Saturday as my red was a bit fluky .


Time: 7:30 am - 11:45 am
Air Temp: 80°F
Wind: SE @ 10 kn - 15 kn
Barometric Pressure: 1017 mb (peaked @ 11:45 am)
Sky: Overcast/Mostly Overcast
Water Clarity: <1 foot
Water Temp: 80°F
Structure: Sand

Predicted Tides @ Port O'Conner:
Low @ 4:51 am (0.04 ft)
High @ 3:52 pm (0.71 ft)

Sunrise/set: 6:31 am/8:16 pm
Moonrise/set: 1:23 am/12:25 pm
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous (59%)

Silver Mullet Spook Jr.
Blue Eyed Billy Hunchback
Red/White TS Grasswalker
Green Ghost Double Bunny Jig

Red: 1 keeper

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By Ron Mc
excellent report and great photos Josh - thanks for posting

We have a friend who has a lot with a slab and utilities 1.4 miles from there. He's planning to set it up as an RV pad, they're grandfathered on Lavaca Bay piers, and want to restore their fishing pier there to make the RV pad desirable to rent. Randy has a great 35' RV.
Stevo is also trying to get his '74 GMC RV road-worthy. By fall, we may have a place to stay there, with easy access to Powderhorn and Charlie's/Shoalwater Bay.
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By Neumie
Tombo wrote:Is the area on the south side of Powderhorn public land? I seem to recall it being acquired or donated recently.

It's not public per-say, but it was recently purchased by TPWD to turn into a new State Park; Powderhorn Ranch State Park. It'll run from the south shoreline of Powederhorn to Boggy Bayou and Port O'Conner. I'm not sure if funding has been made available for development at this point.
By SWFinatic
Thanks for the detailed report!

I was hoping TPWD would be announcing sometime this year plans to move forward with the SP but haven't heard a word. It'll be a huge draw when it does open.
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