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By katzig
I was having a slow day, wind was at about 15-20 out of the north, so I had launched at the north end of the New Copano bridge to hide from the wind. Had a bump, set the hook, and wow, I was losing line and traveling out into the bay, The fish had just about stripped all my line, so I tightened the drag a little, and just set back and enjoyed the ride, when ever I could I'd recover some line, everything was going great until the fish decided to head back towards the Bridge, I didn't want it to get to the bridge so I started pumping the rod, trying to turn the fish, about a 100 yards from the bridge I finally got it turned and away we went back out into the Bay, the further out we went the rougher the water got and I considered cutting my line, I was already out about a mile when I finally got it netted. This was the best fight I've ever had in a Kayak, I've got lots of good memory's of fishing adventures but this is the best. I didn't measure or weigh the fish, just let it go. Sorry for the quality of the Pictures, Life is Great in a Kayak

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