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By kickingback
Decided to get out of the winds and rain and try for some crappie using my new Garmin Livescope. Caught about 12 total with 4 keepers. Water temp 73. Winds 8 mph. Water choppy and slightly stained 1' visibility. Found them at the 1097 bridge and Scott's Ridge area submersed trees. They were holding 8' to 15' down and loved the Bobby Garland Blue Ice with a 1/8 oz jig head. Going again tomorrow while the window is still open. The window closes hard after Monday with rain and winds!!!!!
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By Cityfisher
Nice! Glad you got to get out.
I was to lazy this weekend to get off the couch. I did enjoy some pan sauteed crappie fillets that I still have in the freezer.
Mmmm mmm Good eatn right there!!
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By Dandydon
Your new Garmin LiveScope is incredible, Charlie! It impressed me even at night when we fished the Tiki Island canals. I could see different fish swimming on your screen from over 100 ft away.
Now I see it works daytime, too.
Looking forward to that crappie fish fry we talked about...
Below are the esteemed Charlie Kickingback & Watson.


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