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Kayak fishing the Lone Star State...

By frios
Headed to RP this weekend.
Gonna try out my new lures. I've slowly been moving from live bait to lures...so hard to adjust.

anyways, got my troutsupport and buggs and various other soft lures.
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By Ron Mc
we're looking forward to the past-tense report.
I've watched myself cull back on types of lures and especially fly patterns in all fishing, though TSL grasswalker is one worth adding. The important part is matching the lure action to the water. Usually handy to have a deep lure and a shallow lure rigged on different rods.
Though there are a few situations, such as fishing under the lights, where changing up frequently can make all the difference.
Will also say TSL grasswalker is the most-fun lure I've ever fished, and has the advantage of being able to fish it slowly.
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