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By Tombo
Spooked this overslot Redfish while cruising the shoreline. Turned and tossed my jig head in the direction it went and made a connection. This fish took off for deeper water to the point I had to chase it down at the risk of getting spooled. Sorry for the bad picture as I was using my phone and could not get back far enough to get the whole fish. No measuring stick but the big fish would go to each side of my kayak.
20190426_095124 (1).jpg
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By Cityfisher
Cool! I try to do that every time I spook one but never get a hook up. I spooked about 4 of them last Saturday and ended up getting skunked that day. lol
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By shoffer
I caught my first oversize red from the yak cruising a St. Charles bay shoreline just like you. Good job Tombo!

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