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By Neumie
This is not a kayak report, because I was wade fishing. However, I accessed Copano Bay from the Aransas Pathways Swan Lake location, which is a kayak launch site.

With the cold front making Copano BAy look like chocolate milk on Good Friday, a forecast light wind on Saturday, and a full moon I decided to wake up at 3 and to hit the water by 4 am. I prepped my wade box with lures taylored to off color, butI was met with crystal clear water this morning. I stated my early throwing my trusted chartreuse/black She dog. However, after 45 minutes or so I had no blow ups. The wind was call and water glassed so I switched to a SS Jr. Around 5 a just over 20" trout crushed it.

This lifted my spirits and started plugging away.

Still plugging.

Still plugging.

Around 7 the fist run of kayakers showed up to launch . Sunrise was around 7, and I saw first color around 6:15 am. These guys were LATE. My personal preference has me launching in plenty time so I'm at my fishing grounds by "civil" twilight at the latest; which is 30 minutes-ish before official sunrise.

Anyways, still plugging.

I called it around 9:30. The forecast winds were supposed to be NE to SE, but I saw a light ENE with a slow swing through S and picked up a little when it hit SW with it ultimately ending up close to WNW when I ended my wade. I was hoping the early start would mean a limit of trout. That didn't happen, but had I not been out as early as I was I may have been skunked. I did throw soft plastics for the last hour or so without a bite, so you, know there's that.

My only pic:

Time: 4:00 am - 9:30am
Air Temp: 68°F - 71°F
Wind: 0 kn - 5 kn (NE to WNW)
Barometric Pressure: 1020 mb (peaked @ 9:30 am)
Sky: Sunny
Water Clarity: 3+ feet
Water Temp: 73°F
Structure: Mostly Grass w/ Oyster Reefs

Predicted Tides @ Rockport:
Low @ 1:06am am (0.01 Ft)
High @ 3:44 pm (0.27 Ft)

Sunrise/set: 6:58am/7:56 pm
Moonrise/set: 8:25 pm (on 19th)/8:02 am
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous (98%)

Chartreuse/Black She Pup
Silver Mullet Spook Jr.
Bone Diamond Ball Tail Shad on 1/16oz jighead
Plum/Chartreuse Bull Minnow on 1/16 jighead

Trout: 1 Keeper
Reds: 1 Undersized

No GPS Map, sorry.
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