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By TroutSupport.com
late report, been busy. I'm still down in Baffin; two of the three areas we fished are reachable by kayak... shhhh. What a great day on the water... Topwaters, DDXL, TroutSupport GrassWalkers, Floating FatBoys all produced for us Friday with a shifty wind sort of day but one of those rare low wind days. Luckily we had clouds that day, hazy thin fog, hit the water early and were in the water at day break starting off hard with Rick catching a 27 right before we could take a picture. We put her on the fish hide stringer to rest up while the light came up. She hit a DD XL in bone slow rolled under the surface, just nice easy presentation, slow reeled with a twitch here or there. I hit a few fish in that area as well, we saw the first slick of the year pop, It's a deep point with a little rock and grass and sand. Then NOTHING... .I'm all about patterns and I knew a nearby point with similar features and depths shot over there and took a look from out deep, we saw bait and slick, we idled in all the while a group of guys was ending a wade 100 yards shy of where the slick popped up. He picked up his guys, they hauled arse somewhere else, plenty bait flipping.. just think... if that guy could read the water he could have walked right into where those fish were... they probably didn't catch much because they were leaving and not quite up to where the activity was going on... Reading the water is such a useful skill to catching more and bigger trout and reds on our coastal inshore bays and being more consistent and having fun on the water ;-) it really is. I've used that slogan for nearly 10 years ... and IT's TRUE. Anyway, we worked those fish over for a good two hours with a limit of keeper for each of us between 18 and 24 with another couple bonus big fish.. I caught a 26 and a 27 on a DD XL shallow in the 'forgotten water'... that shallow gut right by the shoreline, and Rick lost 2 near 28inch fish on tops. After we switched to tops we both had some good fish pull off, but some great blow ups. We weren't done so when it died down there we hit a set of rocks that we could wade and it was a perfect area for tops and also grass Walkers. I lost another BIG fish on a topwater (black super spook) and also caught a nice fish, then switched off to the GrassWalker and nailed a couple trout flossing the rocks with a Bone Diamond Grass Walker. Caught 2 or 3 nice ones and finished it all off with a solid 24" fish on the GrassWalker. Not doing anything special with the GrassWalker, just casting out directly into the rocks, cool thing is you don't have to cast to the side of them, you can pick the nastiest set of them and cast right into them and fish it slow allowing it to fall over the rocks. I'll do a slow pull with a twitch on the end of it, let it sink on tight line after the twitch while feeling for takes. Repeat.
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By TroutSupport.com
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By TroutSupport.com
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By kickingback
:clap: Some solid catching action there Tobin! Well done! Way to keep your eyes out for any signs to be there. It helps others to fish all the time! Thanks for sharing! :clap:
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