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Capt. Shoffer told me he would be writing NO Fishing Report, even though for two trips in a row he was the only Yakker to catch legal specks & redfish!
So last night we planned to hit the Galveston Causeway under those delicious variable winds below 5 mph. But plans go bad & we hate parking at Fat Boy's, so we launched about 12:30 pm at our best nighttime spot, Sea Isle.
My problem was some damn food poisoning probably gotten from a bad brownie eaten at 11pm. I felt so groggy I anchored up in a back canal for a full 2-hour Man-Nap. The glassy waters rocked me to sleep, until I heard Shoffer motoring up about 4am with his box of legal gamefish.
Not only did he tow me back in w/ his trusty Outback trolling motor, he gave me his two specks (17" & 19") and his pretty spotted Redfish at 22". I'll be having those for a Fish Fry tonight.
Maybe I should call Shoffer to cook 'em up, clean up the kitchen, & tuck my tired ass into bed!
This is my report of a skunked, sick fishing trip made great by my fishing buddy Shoffer. Thanks, Stewart!
There's a good reason I choose to fish with him. He takes care of me & gets the job done. Fish w/ him & find out for yourself. But I get to be the one towed in...


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bro, I've been dead with oak allergies since last weekend - zyrec is finally starting to take.
First time in a dozen years it's affected me this bad.
The way it works, you start the day feeling ok, and get socked before the day's over.
Weather channel shows we're highest oak pollen counts in the country - I'm sure all the wet through fall and winter has everything to do with it.
You might have to take up underwater Spear Fishing to avoid those deadly brown pollen bombs! But on the bright side, at least our warm climate allows regular fishing year-round. Come join us sometime when the weather gets right.

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Hear you bro.
I have a friend visiting NPI for a 2-week vacation, and I'll be fishing somewhere between there and Estes for a couple of days.
Still trying to help Stevo get his '74 GMC motorhome roadworthy. Maybe we'll be able to drive that down in a month or so.
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