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By frios
Fished Saturday lighthouse lakes
got a really late start because of the AM rain. finally got out, didn't go to far out as we were limited on time. Caught a bunch of dink trout.
Fished opposite side of lighthouse lakes.
saw a lot birds feeding, so decided to go see what the action was. There were a lot of fish but did NOT want live shrimp. Go figure. I tried throwing down south, slow sinking, paddle tails, gulps - nada. Friend finally hooks up a nice red only for us to lose at the yak! Da horror.
anyway, thats my report sorry it wasn't much, but glad to be out on the water.
Oh..did meet a Rob Donovan - I believe that's his name - glad to meet a fellow TKF. Also met another gentleman today, didn't get his name, but he lives in Beeville - he had 1 nice red, but said fishing was tough today - gave me a lot of hints. Really...really appreciate it. Help and hints go a long way especially for us weekenders who travel from distances to fish. Try to make the most out of the fishing trips.
Until next time.

Bogdog and I were fishing a tournament a number of years ago, and I lost a huge flounder because I was wading and left my net on the kayak. I don't know how much he would have weighed, but all that I could see was flounder. It was like there was no bottom. He got off and laid at my feet from about 30 seconds before swimming off. Lesson learned.
I am phobic about having a net. All fish take great joy in throwing the hook JUST as you think you’ve got them. They’re evil like that. Nets trick them and overcome their evil impulses. Still, I’ve had trout leap out of nets and free themselves. They’re especially evil.

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I bought a net but thought it was acting as a wind sail last time I took it on my yak So I just take my boga grips now.

But, I lost a trout on Friday I think because I either never set the hook right, or because I was trying to figure out how to land him and in the moment of thought he shook himself lose :(
I lost a huge, estimated 28" flounder at a big kayak contest in Jacksonville when I forgot my net in the truck. Hook pulled when I tried to use a pair of lip grips. Even tried to grab the flounder with my hands as it slipped away.
Look at it this way, in the future you might have a greater need for a net such as a trophy trout.
I hate lip grippers. I know they’re the in thing these days, but they can easily puncture a fish’s jaw and if it’s released, it’ll have a massive escape route for food in its chin. Seeing people lip gripping 10” trout and 12” bass makes me shudder.

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