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By SwitcheS
Pretty new to inshore fishing. Ive gone fishing with my father in law a couple times recently and he doesn't know where to really go. Im down in Alvin, TX close to Chocolate Bayou. I was thinking about going wednesday to Moses Lake but i have no clue if there are any fish in there or not. Any tips or areas to fish would be greatly appreciated.
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By Work2Fish
It's moving into Spring so water temps are cool. Trout will be in deeper water (mid-bay, deep reefs). Reds go everywhere. Flounder are starting to come in, but are generally closer to the Gulf right now. Match the hatch - shad, pinfish, mullet are more abundant than shrimp right now.
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By crusher
I agree with the "why not Chocolate Bay" question. The old cutoffs or either side of the bridge can hold fish and heading south a mile or so can be pretty good too. It's close to you and a solid place to learn a few things.
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By screwston420
i fish moses lake and the dike quite a bit and its hit or miss mostly miss this time of year... id go with chocolate bayou.. or go to san luis pass and fish titlum tatlum bayou on the freeport side , i fished it once but got skunked but didnt spend much time cuz a storm blew i, looking to go back soon
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By kickingback
Winds are coming from the north this week. The North shoreline of Galveston Island should hold lots of bait. Good luck!
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