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By Chubs
Not quite a kayak report.

Went fishing with my dad in his new bass boat up in canyon lake (got to be a cuervo approved basshole!).

Water temps about 55 both days. Overcast and pretty cold both days. Sun never really poked out.

Friday evening We were going to target white bass and large mouth bass, but didn't really have a clue what we were doing. Tried to go to what we figured were bluffs based on the latest tpwd report for canyon lake, and threw texas rigged red worms, spinner baits, paddled tail jigs, jerk baits, crank baits, all until we were blue in the face.

I realized pretty quickly I have no idea how to target 10 - 15 ft water when the bottom is 50+ ft deep??

Never hooked up anything really. Got one bite but no hookup. some guys around us got some lmbs. I asked what he was throwing and he said "Just an ole stick bait" no idea what he was talking about lol.

Saturday we went all day. Morning we boated around the whole lake looking for stripers based on some random dudes tip at the dock that my dad was sure was good advice. Went on a wild goose chase till lunch...

Got lunch then decided to finally try what we came for originally, white bass on the river. Launched at Rebecca creek launch 11. Some guys pulled up while we were launching with 5 lmb and some whites. That was promising. Then we made our next mistake, and headed up river in a boat instead of a kayak! Went as far as we could go up river. Passed a very fishy smelling area and stupidly kept going saying we wanted to get too the rapids and would hit the fishy area on the way back. Got to a shallow part and my dad chickened out with his new boat :( we never made it to the rapids so dunno if whites were there. We trolled back and got to the fishy area but unfortunately it wasn't fishy anymore :( did actually hook one white bass when my dad got tangled up in some branches but it spit the hook boat side.

Called it a day and went back to the launch. While there I saw some kayakers packing up and cleaning a nice catfish. Asked how they did and said great! They were trolling crank baits and went the opposite way from us to the river mouth. Argh!

I was happy for them though and that made me wish we had taken the kayak instead of the bass boat :)

Long story short, the bass are probably near the river mouth in theory right now. Go get em! And also we lost probably a good $20 worth of lures to the glutinous canyon lake trees of sorrow!!
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By Chubs
Haha, awesome! Congrats on the catches.

We will be back for sure. Maybe in the kayak next time cause I really want ot explore up that river to the rapids. 7 mile paddle though :\

Didn't catch anything but was neat exploring the river.
Picture doesn't do justice to the tree
Bend areas pretty neat
Weird old boat ramp
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By Ron Mc
the air temps are sure nice for it this week with these 65-degree dawns, plus rain.
I heard there's a storm coming - if you can get back 1-2 days after that, you'll tear up whites

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