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From 11:30 pm until 3:30 am, I night fished Sea Isle. It was super foggy, but winds were light until the end. Water temps were 64 degrees. I hooked 7 keeper trout, but only brought home two 17 inch trout for dinner. All fish were caught slow rolling a Down South Lure in Glo/Chartreuse or an East Beast/Chartreuse color, tipped with Fishbites, and a Pearl Berkley swimming mullet tipped with Procure. No topwater or Yozuri hard baits were successful. I caught two trout in underwater lights and hooked the rest fishing a lone surface light. The water was clear enough that you could see the filament in the underwater lights, and I saw some reds in the lights with their noses up next to it as if they were mesmerized by it. I ran some baits right by their nose and they did not move - even during the major solunar feed from 2:22 to 4:22 am that day. Tides were incoming at the time as well.

There are tiny glass minnows in the lights - maybe a half inch long right now. Those will be good forage in April when the lights really start to turn on.

Please note that while the Sea Isle ramp is supposedly closed (and I am told that the homeowner's association is going to build a bulkhead there), right now, they just have the old wood dock laying across the ramp with the word "closed" spray painted on it; there is still plenty of room to launch a yak. I am sure during the day, though, you might get yelled at, but at night, no one is there to yell at me:
grandpa_simpson_yelling_at_cloud10.jpg (35.39 KiB) Viewed 1138 times

And, in closing, please note that no blumpkins were hooked during this trip. :lol:
Congrats on getting out and finding some fish. and thanks for the report!

Also for the update on Sea Isle ramp - condition appears to be the same as last time I was there a few months ago. At that time the guy at the bait shop indicated the plans for a bulk head there due to the high water flooding the area through there. He also indicated that it was fine for kayaks to continue to launch - course the ramp is not controlled by him!
Capt. Shoffer had the gall to fish without me because my band had a Sat. night Jam Party at my house which required loud live music & ingestion of exotic intoxicants. Thank God two members in my band are among the best criminal defense lawyers in Houston. Ha ha. Shoffer knows 'em. We lawyers gotta play music & fish when we can.
I'm proud of my junior captain, though, for going out solo in quest of another NIGHTTIME TOURNEY️ trophy! But for future trips I will request for no more precise lure, weather, or light-strategy details.
Instead he'll dazzle & misdirect you noble men to phony spots, casting phony lures at phony lights! Oh my! Did I mention we usually limit out every time (at night) down-current & upwind of the W. Bay GEO-TUBES! I couldn't resist that last piece of priceless fishing advice.
At least Potlicker has taught us to conceal our GPS coordinates, & over 60 years of lawyering has taught us how to lie like old Hillary.
Onward, men! Let's make this thing happen. I'm real stoked. Almost misspelled that one, too!
Behold our sexy logo, below, modeled by Capt. Shoffer before he dropped 20 lbs.
--Capt. Dandydon


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P.S. I'm the Tournament Director & final rule arbiter. I'm also fair as Snow White. But we'll allow only legal specks, reds & flounder for tournament talley.
Absolutely NO BLUMPKINS! They're ugly, time-consuming & disgusting.
Any more questions? Please PM Capt. Shoffer.

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Hello esteemed K-back! Thanks for your interest. Your Honda CRV will be suddenly sexy & more powerful, like Shoffer after 2 full-sugar Mountain Dews!
But please be patient until the upcoming May NIGHTTIME TOURNEY️ because Shoffer demanded his name be removed from each mudflap. He's getting lean, hungry & competitive. Scared me despite my 12 years of Kung Fu.
I'm on his two-man fishing team. We'll be hard to beat.

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I voted for this snazzy & naughty mudflap, but "the Capt. Shoffer model" won out based on his nighttime fishing prowess.
The silver script signed "Shoffer" (across the bottom) in my opinion, really sets the Gold Olympic standard for kayakers' mudflaps. Too bad my partner nixed it.

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