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By tidewatersfishingtx
Been a few good weeks along a certain river near Lolita! Lots of trout to 22" and plenty of redfish mixed in. Trout were caught on downsouth lures in plum/chartruese and white ice and also on soft dine XL in custom colors from waterloo proshop. Lucked into a solid spotless toad! Conditions still looking good. check my insta @tidewatersfishing and my youtube channel (same handle... tidewatersfishing) for more pics and updates. Also can catch my latest articles in Saltwater Angler Magazine www.saltyangler.com
Dustin Nichols
Chubs wrote:Nice fish. Your river fishing trip went better than mine from last week at Palacios :)

What are your tips for river fishing success in a kayak?

Chubs....the tips I give to most are to slow down your retrieve in the winter months. Especially on the cold mornings.
I will throw an 1/8 once jighead with down south lures(white ice has been producing) also throw custom color Soft Dine XL (thats what that red slammed)
Most times the bite will be subtle and could be like a spongy feeling on your line. I almost work my baits like I would if I was fishing a worm for bass!

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