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By blind squirrel
This is my first post on TKF and I would like to thank everyone who is on this site! I have learned so much ! I read posts everyday before going fishing . I'm looking for suggestions for this Sat, 1-20-18. I plan on taking a friend and her 8 yr old son kayak fishing. They both love to fish, but when I met the youngster he said " I love fishing but I don't catch much". I would like to help him catch some fish, any fish. I'm thinking about Eckert Bayou and using live and/or dead shrimp. Maybe help him catch a black drum, gafftop, anything to keep him interested and excited about fishing. Any suggestions are welcome. And thanks again to all who share on this site, the info is truly appreciated!
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By screwston420
i fished eckert bayou the last couple times i was out , yesterday was the last time i didnt catch anything but i did watch some big sheepsheads follow my lure all the way up to my yak but never bite... if i had some fiddler crabs i might have caught one lol i may go there in the morning since its warming up
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