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By Drifting Yak
Decided to take advantage of the weather yesterday (1/15/18) and fish West Bay with YakRunabout. What a beautiful day.

We hit some lights early on but nothing. Did not see a single fish in the lights. Started thinking "Where are the fish." "Might be a tough day." Oh well the sun was coming up, the winds were down and it felt good to be on the water.

At daybreak we hit an area with a slight drop off. First cast got a bump but no takers. Second cast (decided to really slow it down - throwing a swim tail mullet imitation - was barely turning my reel). Bump. Raised my rod to test for weight and sure enough it was on. Landed a very nice 23 inch spec! Wow! A personal best from a kayak!

Proceeded to work the area using the same technique and within an hour I had 5 in the yak. 17" 19" 19" 21" and 23"


Worked several areas over 5 hours covering several miles and ended up catching a limit. Caught around 15 specs total with only one being below 15".


Have to say that we got lucky and found some quality fish. The key in my mind was working the bait slowly and keeping in contact with your bait. Many of the initial bumps were really more like small ticks. You had to really pay attention or you'd never feel them. Also, there were times when I'd feel a bump but then there'd be no weight on the line. I'd let it sit for a few seconds and then twitch it slightly. Sometimes I'd have to repeat this for 3 or 4 times in order for them to take it. And of course sometimes they'd never truly pick it up.

It was truly a Fun Day Monday!
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By YakRunabout
Nice report, congrats on finding the fish!!!
It was a great day to be out, weather-wise. I had much less fish action than Mike had, ending with one 20” trout, but that was an entertaining catch.
The lure was getting close to the boat on slow retrieve, within 10’ or so, and so getting shallower – suddenly there was a swing and a miss on the lure, then right away this fish came flying out of the water and on re-entry the line tightened and pulled with its descent. All right! The fish was on! Soon it was in the boat since it hooked up so close. I have never had a trout come out of the water that far, normally just a big splash right on the surface.

Hope you find a weather window soon to get out after the fish!!
By Yakety_Yak
Great job guys!! Ya'll are some fishing maniacs fishing in this cold weather! It looks like you guys found just right where the fish were hiding and were able to take advantage of that. What a great day on the water! :)
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By Dandydon
Good job, men! The Fishing Attorneys fished the same day in lower Trinity Bay WITHOUT a bite! We don’t like getting skunked! Please call us for your next trip. We’ll give free legal advice in exchange for legal fish caught!
Onward, men!

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