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By Haley123
Launched at Amigo lane around 7:15. Tide was super low. Had to pull the yak a bit to just get to the boat channel to paddle. A whole lot of nothing all day until I caught an oyster. But it was a 15” flounder to my surprise. Then a bunch of nothing. Off the water at noon. Image

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By shoffer
We got skunked in lower trinity as well. Launched at 7 - off by noon. The water temps were 44 degrees at launch and warmed to 49 at noon, and I think the water temps hurt us. I wonder if the afternoon bite would have been better.

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By kickingback
Good flounder!
You guys need to try to catch crappie and white bass this time of year. More productive and fun! I am having a blast limiting out on crappie. Soon the Nueces will be full on with white bass run. Pack trip to the area in Feb as well.
Good luck and stay warm!
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By Dandydon
Yesterday all the fishing parameters were perfect for our trip on the lower East shoreline of Trinity Bay: low Easterly wind; favorable outgoing tides; trout-green water w/ 2 ft. visibility, & low barometric pressure in advance of this Blue Norther...
But the Fishing Attorneys went hard for 6 hours without a bite! Answers? My only theory is that 2 years of low-salinity in Trinity Bay have "taught" the speckled trout to stay further south in our local bay complex!
Am I crazy?
(maybe crazy enough to try some crappie fishing with KickingBack!)... Can't wait for some Spring fishing.

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By Cuervo Jones
There’s something to your thinking, dandy. The bay has been very fresh for a couple of years. Might be enough to knock the trout down to the saltier parts.

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