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By Haley123
Launched at 257S around 7:30. Fished Churchill Bayou for a few hours. I caught a dunk trout and my buddy caught 4 keeper trout in a row on each cast. Throwing a dark gray paddle tail. Went to where the Bayou meets Cold Pass and fished the south point for a while. Caught a 23” red and a rat red around 10:00 am. Back to Churchill and I caught nothing while my buddy caught a short flounder and red and another keeper trout.

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By mwatson71
I am the buddy that ended up with the 5 keeper specks. It really was not a bad day out on the water (but truth be told, I am one of those who believe there is no such thing as a bad day out on the water as long as everybody makes it back safely). The rain held off for most of the day. There was a very light mist for about 10 minutes and then around 10a or so the skies opened up for about 10 minutes that got us pretty wet. Made me wish I had worn the rain jacket rather than leaving it in the truck.

I caught an undersized speck, then 4 keepers in a row as he mentioned. The current died so we moved around a bit up and down the bayou. At the mouth of Cold Pass and Churchill we could see some reds working but I couldn't get any to bite. He picked up the 23" red and a smaller one. After moving again, and once he current picked back up, I picked up a flounder and a red. I have my rod marked at 15" and 20" and both probably would have been legal to keep by pinching the tails (the flounder for sure as I have since remembered the legal flounder length is 14" and not 15") but I always err on the side of releasing the questionable fish. I picked up another keeper speck, fished a little longer, and then we called it a day.

All were caught on 3" dark gray holographic swim shad with a paddle tail except for the undersized trout caught on salt and pepper with a yellow paddle tail.

Happy New Year to all and best wishes for lots of fishes in 2018.
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