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I woke up yesterday, read Cuervo's report about fishing in the 47-degree rain, and decided that for this day, I would not be the body part by which our president says we should be grabbing women. While I don't agree with our president on that one bit of advice, I did agree with Cuervo that I should man up and face the elements like our primitive ancestors did. I checked Windalert, Accuweather and my trusty tides4fishing.com, packed up my stuff, grabbed Dandydon and his new mirage drive - more on that later) and some Whataburger, and we hit West Galveston Bay for an impromptu trip.

We launched at 10:30 am and fished until about 2:30 pm. I trolled Down South 4 inch paddle tails in glow/chartreuse in 1/8 oz. and 1/16 oz. jighead delivery packages over mud/shell mix, tipped with fishbites and some Procure:

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I caught 6 trout in 2.5 and 4 feet of water - one runt at 14 inches, 3 to 15 inches, one 17 incher and a 20 inch that rounded out the day. Lots of snags on the oyster shell, so I spent too much time going back and retreiving my tackle off the bottom. I threw my Pink Corkie for about 15 minutes around some reef structure, but I don't have enough patience to throw that right now, so I stuck with the Down South's.

The water temps were 52 degrees; the weather was overcast with two bursts of 15-minute showers during the afternoon; winds were easterly light, and then turned from the north to about 10 for about 15 minutes, then dead calm for about an hour, and then a light northerly breeze. Tides were strong incoming the whole time, and we caught a couple during a major solunar feed from 10 am to 12 pm. I also found a ton of lures and tackle attached to an old dock piling, including two brand new Mirrolures and a couple of bass crankbaits, so that was a bonus.

For you Hobie guys with the V.2 drives, Dandydon and I both had ACK upgrade our drive to a GT model - not the 180, but the one that came out before that. You get new drums, idler pulley, drive chains and some other parts - installed - for $129.00 plus tax, but I recommend you also get replacement sprockets, which will raise the tab to $163.00.

Both DandyDon and I agree that this upgrade makes a world of difference - on par with Turbo Fins and the larger sailing rudder. Peddling is now 30-40% easier than before, which means less exertion on those long trips and easier peddling into the wind. We both agree that it is worth every penny, and highly recommend you do it. With all the parts they replace, it is almost like getting a brand new drive for less than$200, when they cost $630 new. You will thank me later.


https://www.austinkayak.com/products/19 ... OuEALw_wcB

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Until next year, Happy New Year to the TKF Nation, and let's all resolve this upcoming year to do our part to bring the board back to where it used to be, and help Tom Stubblefield get back to the local celebrity he once was. That dammed Mark Zuckerburg is overshadowing him, and its high time that we fight fire with fire.
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By Cuervo Jones
All praise to the fish gods! I KNEW somebody had to be out there catching ‘em!Yesterday I had to replace my idler cable. I discovered the original frayed and snapped after my trout trip. I’m all set for 2018! Glad you guys ended the year on a fishy note!

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Shoffer artfully told the details of our short trip. I caught only one keeper speck because the undersized fish I kept hooking were evidently scaring off the big ones.
I did land my keeper just as the tide started moving in, but 3 hours later it was ripping hard enough to almost surf the kayak. The 52-degree baywater was blessed with 2-feet of visibility.
After this cold front I hope for some tiderunner trout willing to chomp down on all those Tsunami Redfish Corkies I inherited from Saltykat when he departed for Washington State (now Michigan).
Tight lines to the Kat & all who yak.

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You guys are killing me! I want to get out there and fish. Darn wives and their drafting us into 100's of different commitments each weekend!! Though of course I like to hug the wife over a fish most days of the week ;)
Thanks for all the reports everyone. Hopefully I can add one this month.

Does anyone have an idea of how the back bays are this time of year, like Chocolate Bayou? I've heard the fish stack closer to fresh water this time of year.
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