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Launched at the bridge around 10AM Fished far side of channel Parallel to the Hwy for about 2 hours 1 dink and 1 keeper Trout. Moved back to where I launched and headed straight out along the channel and the bite was on for next 4 hours just drifted down along the edge of the flat in about 4 1/2 feet of water. Water had to be slightly stained if it got to clear no fish. Caught Bunch of decent Trout mixed in with a lot of small Trout.

Made some excursions onto the flats looking for redfish but didn't find any. Pic is one of the bigger fish and the lure that brought them inImageImage

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karstopo wrote:Nice report. I don’t like super clear water for fishing, a little green is good. Nice job on finding them.

Thanks, had a guide teach me about water clarity & it's been a big help

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