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By boikie
After a tough drive back through the rain from Waco on Saturday night (friends daughters Graduation) - an easy wake up, pack and drive down was in order. Easy drive but low cloud and mist.


Got to the bay around 9:30 and the wind was a little more breezy than I had thought it would be - from the north east.

Launched and was met with some decent chop - enough to have some water over the nose of the yak and occasional smack as I ventured out into the bay. At one point - I thought that open bay may not be the wisest choice today - but the first drift will be the decider (that and if birds were working - I'd make a plan)

Aimed for an area with scattered shell - 4-6' water - which was in great shape and color - first couple of drifts - landed a 16" trout.

After some time - noticed some birds loosely working an area - idled over but a boat was working them and I didn't want to get too close - but the fish / birds popped up away from them - so I managed to get onto them and pulled a nice red out. The boat moved over - and for 30 minutes we "chased" the birds - landing reds mainly - manged another keeper red - few 18"'s and some dink trout.

One nice sized trout - hit my lure right at the side of the yak - almost got him but couldn't set the hook

The birds were moving a little to fast and further up the bay than I wanted to paddle back - so went back to drifting.
Got complacent and tangled my line and lure in my trolling motor - time to break out the paddle and head to shore - quick filed fix and were back in the action.


At this time the wind has laid down a lot and the bay was more ripple's than waves


Within another 30-40 minutes it was like glass...very relaxing drifts

Picked up another trout (and a few dinks)

Headed in around 1:45pm


All caught on Mirror Lure Bull Minnow paddle tail - not quite sure of the lure color - but tequila / plum / gold flake chart tail 1/4 oz jig head

Great day to be out and about

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