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By Cuervo Jones
Water temperature is down about 8 degrees from last week. Big bass didn’t want my swimbait. No bass wanted my jig. What’s a bassin’ man to do?
All together TKF!!
Schools of shad were bunched up at 10-20’ and the slavering bass were lurking nearby, drooling and being nasty, like a bunch of senators at a girl scout cookie stand.
Strangely, they preferred the crawfish crank to the shad today.
But the shad still got bit.
Not this guys again?!
One of the crawfish chompers sought bloody revenge on me.
This fiend!
Type O positive gushed forth to nourish the water witches.
Incidentally, I’ve noticed that some fishing reports include the brand of rod, reel, line, and other stuff. So if you want to catch bass like me, get a time machine and go back to 1988. There, you can pick up this deadly combo and really slay the bass.
Totally awesome Rod with plenty of flex to stop bass from throwing crankbaits like they do with faster action rods. For sure.
Bass are biting and the colors are beautiful.
But I have been reading up on the winter celebrations of my Nordic ancestors and now I’m worried. The wolves that chase Sol the sun goddess across the sky might catch her, bringing about the twilight of the gods.
Hopefully the days get longer soon as she puts more more space between herself and the wolves. In the mean time, I’ll decorate my Jól tree to symbolize ongoing life and rebirth in the spring and then sing carols and give gifts to those I love. Keep Jól in Yuletide and make TKF great again!

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By karstopo
Once again, nice report. Wow, I think I had and may still have that rod and reel. The reel I have. The rod, I’ll have to walk over to the parent’s house and see if it’s still there. Dad has never intentionally thrown anything away in his 76 plus years so I have a good feeling the rod might still be there.

O positive blood, check, same as me. Scandinavian ancestry, once again, a match. Likes to fish. Could it be...my long lost twin brother...wait a minute...I’m an only child. Keep them coming, the reports, brother Cuervo.
karstopo wrote:Could it be...my long lost twin brother...wait a minute...I’m an only child.

Nobody has ever seen us together. Our fishing trips never overlap. Something very odd is going on.
First rule of Fish Club is: never talk about Fish Club.

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I always enjoy the reports Cuervo. Even though the allure of sea is ever present for me, your bass fishing escapades might convince to take some shorter trips this winter to some of my local bodies of water.
I’m not sure why there’s not more love for bass on TKF. The salty flavor is good, but too much salt isn’t good for you. Hypertension, high blood pressure, heart problems. I need to flush with freshwater every so often!

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By Xenarcher
You mist have been on the other side of the lake! I was out all day yesterday. Looked but never saw another yak. The fish were pretty tight lipped for the most part. I did manage to grab a few on cranks in 10-20’
Maybe one day I will run into you out there!

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By Kayak Kid
I love Lake Fayette. Never had a bad day fishing there. PACK has had some great trips there over the years, and, I never failed to catch one of those looming lunkers that were bigger than my kayak (or grew to that size on my way back to the camp).

Seriously, I have caught some really huge bass in Fayette. And, I'm not a very proficient bass fisherman.
I’ve never had a bad day there either! This trip, I watched a group of 4 deer splashing around, then walking the forest path. I saw tons of birds, turtles, gar gulping air, and glowing foliage. The fish really are a bonus to an already fun paddling/pedaling Trip every time.

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