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By F.O.C.
Launched around 2am. Paddled to deeper water but didn't find anything. It was real quiet out there. Paddled closer to shore and found dink trout and rat reds in a foot of water. When the sun started to rise I paddled back out to deeper water and found trout willing to slap around the top water. I did manage to catch a few. Nothing big, a 16 incher and a couple more dinks. I was gonna change colors but some guys in a boat were watching so I moved on.

I did drift over a couple of nice reds. Looked like they were sleeping. Only moving their pectoral fins and they never spooked.

Clouds started stacking up so I called it a morning.

The sunrise was awesome! Hadn't seen one like that in while.
sunrise fishing stinky flats 12-03-2017.PNG

playing with the night mode setting on the GoPro.
frenzy at night 12-03-2017.PNG

One of the dinks.
night trout 12-03-2017.png

It was a really nice morning.... :D
Incredible photos. That sunrise is awesome. I was out at yesterday also. It was overcast all day but it never rained on me. A nice thick fog rolled in again at around 1:30pm and the chilly wind picked up so that's when i headed in.
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