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By F.O.C.

Searching for the one that got away last weekend I hooked up with this nice one. Pulled me in the frenzy for about 10 minutes. Water was a little cool and clear to about 5 feet. Very, very light winds. Had to paddle back in to get the correct measurement. Carried it back out to deeper water and nursed it til it was ready to go.

Spritzed my rod and reel and headed back home for breakfast.

I got out of my comfort zone and tried the chicken boy lures. Reminds me of the wacky waving arm inflatables.


Also caught a 17 inch spec, handful dinks and a ladyfish on a pink chrome top water made by h2o express. I swapped out the trebles.

I'm impressed with these top waters. Action was good. Not too heavy. My goto's are the spook jr's and a Bill Dance shallow diver, but I might pick up a few more of these.

h2o topwaters.jpg
By Tombo
I would suggest a pair of cutters capable of cutting through those hooks, I use a similar style when a fishing partner buried one in his thumb. My multi use pliers would not make a dent.

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