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Late report here. I tried to post a report Monday but the darn internet speed was so slow it kept messing up. I blame it on cybr Monday purchases!
Anyway, I had Thanksgiving with my brother and his family on Thursday, slept off all that good turkey I ate and slept in on Friday. Then loaded up and took off for a 2 night stay on the beach in Surfside. I got there around 2ish and found a good spot to set up camp.

Have no idea what the cross was with the tennis shoes on each end but hey, it seemed like a good sign as to where to camp!
So with recent experience fishing Drum Bay on these perfect bluebird days and getting skunked I figured I needed to try somewhere different, so I went to Christmas Bay. Lots of options over there. Fished the south shorelines for a few hours before the sun went down concentrating on where the marshes were draining into the main bay.

Around these areas I saw lots of redfish feeding, but I am still learning and having a hard time getting them to bite. I either spook them or they just ignore my lure. But finally I found a taker! As I was fighting him I saw several other redfish get scared away to.


So back to camp I went to enjoy a brewsky or 2 and the campfire. I was in the tent for bedtime by 8:30!! lol
Well, Saturday morning I woke up to just as beautiful a day as Friday was and headed back to the same area. The tide was much higher also so all those shorelines were almost not recognizable. But it was the same scenario. Anywhere the marshes were draining is where I would find the redfish feeding. Ended up only catching 1 more that day before heading in to relax on the beach. Boy was it beautiful out! Saw lots of different birds. Great herons, Roseatte Spoonbills, Gulls.... They were everywhere. Saw the funniest thing at one of drains I caught that second one at. A very big red chased some bait and got almost completely airborne, landed nose first into 10" of water and seemed to be stuck there for a second with his big tail sticking straight up. It made me laugh! Did the same thing again this night and got back on the water at around 7:30. The winds had shifted again more out of the northeast so I went back to Drum bay to give it a look. I was out for maybe an hour and a half with no luck and this dark looming sky started creeping in. I didn't think there were thunderstorms predicted but started making my way closer to the truck and by the time I got there it was a fog that had rolled in. You couldn't see 10 feet in front of you it was so thick. So that did it for me and I loaded up and came home.

Had a good Monday at work and Tuesday got a call from my son. He and his significant other are expecting and she is overdue so they were going to induce labor Tuesday afternoon. The baby had other plans and decided to take his time getting here and the docs said they weren't going to induce because she and the baby were doing fine. It wasn't until Wednesday morning at 11:30 I became a grandpa to a beautiful, healthy 7lb, 2 oz baby boy. Future surfer and fisherman in the works here!!
Some more photos of my trip here.

21" redfish by the drains where I saw that red go nose first into the mud!


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Loved seeing that great heron strutting down the shoreline. He acted like the beach was his. Guess it is really!
By the way, caught both reds on the bone diamond weightless troutsupport lure. From the bait I saw being chased it may have been to big a presentation and that's why I didn't get more hookups. I'll try downsizing next timeout in that area if the bait is the same around.
This beach is my happy place! It was good to see it in such good shape and clean.
Please, if you visit, leave nothing behind but your footprints and for goodness sake, drive slow and take in the sights.
This was a very special weekend down there with hardly any people and the ones that were there were all courteous and took out there trash.
I'm getting better at finding the fish now but I am still working on presentation and lures to be able to catch them when I do. It's not that easy! I don't always catch a lot of fish when I go but 1 or 2 makes my day, or even weekend. And I learned a whole lot by seeing the different conditions from one day to the next. I'll put some of that knowledge to use the next time, hopefully this weekend again!
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