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By F.O.C.
Quick stop at WalMart this morning looking for a small pink spook jr topwater. This was all they had.

I have the worst luck with treble hooks but didn't bring any singles to swap so I thought today will hopefully be different. NOPE! About 30 yards out I snag the back flappy part of my shirt with both trebles. No way of getting it loose, I paddle back to shore. Now I have to carefully remove my life jacket, undo my waders, and take off my fishing shirt. I had a to take a knife to the shirt. And for safety' sake, I crushed the barbs.

Ok. Now I'm back on the water and paddling to a spot that had 22 inch trout the morning before. I decided to toss this big topwater and just when I was about lift it out and cast again, THE BIGGEST TROUT I'VE EVER SEEN NAILS IT! This monster rocks my kayak and goes straight down and stops. I was in 3 foot of water and when I drifted over the fish it decided to start peeling drag. I'm in a small frenzy so I get pulled like bobber. This goes on for a few seconds then........up comes the topwater. :(

remember I crushed the barbs....

anyway, I lost three more small ones using that topwater and caught a handful of dinks on plastics. It was beautiful morning with just enough wind to keep me moving and break the surface to find the sand pockets.
Kayak Kid wrote:....Ok, so we loose an occasional fish. Short period of tears streaming down the face and off again to chase another fish.

Haha! Aint that the truth.
There is a redfish over on Bolivar that still haunts me from this past summer. I fought this fish (looked like a good 27" to 28") for what seemed like 10 minutes then it ran straight under the yak as I was reaching for the net, pulled line out across the nicks on the bottom of the yak, then snap, he was gone!
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