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By Tombo
This is a report from Swan Lake in Rockport, but is applicable to similar waters.
Launched and proceeded to where the water drops off a couple feet and landed a lower slot Redfish using a jig head. Spoke to a wader and his report was Redfish using a jig head, he was looking for trout.
Paddled around the bend into the lake along the protected shore. A couple test cast here and there produced nothing. It was not until I was able to find semi clear water that I caught my second Redfish, an upper slot. At this time I was using a topwater and the bite was aggressive.
The rest of my time was spent with the topwater lure mostly just searching the area. I had only one half way blowup casting into shallow water, the other blowups were casting out into deeper water with one being a trout. Last fish was an undersized red out in the middle.
Not much of a report but I was fishing conditions. Wind had calmed down since previous days with a couple days of warming weather after a cool front. Launched around noon and off the water at 4PM.
I think I could have done better elsewhere but Swan lake is convenient for me.
There are not many boats on the water probably due to debris in the water and folks not having time to fish. A lot of folks lost their boats as did I.

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