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My plans for chasing trout on reefs today came crashing down when I arrived at the bay and saw the winds whipping up some strong waves. I blame Britta Merwin. I think she's some kind of wind sprite, but I can't prove it yet. In the PA, it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I didn't bring the PA today. STOOPID! I should have brought my all-terrain, personal interstellar fishing platform.
Unfortunately it's in the shop at the Toshi Station with a bad power converter, so back to the marsh for me.
Low tide meant shrimp, menhaden, mullet, and blue crabs were concentrated in the channels and drains. Birds abounded and I saw stilts, skimmers, spoonbills, egrets, herons, gulls, terns, willets, rails, and various pipers. Also, redfish busting bait, crawling on the mud, and creating havoc everywhere. Long story short, TKF, it was hard to get the fish to pay attention to any of my lures or flies. I tried the standard topwaters, spinnerbaits, Cocahoes, and some clouser minnows and craft fur shrimp. I was worried that I was looking at a bigger bust than Dolly Parton (hi-yooooooo). Thankfully, my sobs were answered by a redfish that took pity on me.
A dwarf trout came later. He was embarrassed of his small stature, so I spared him the shame of a photo. I contented myself with watching birds some more.
I'm sure I could have nailed a few troots and some bigger reds if I'd gone off to the deeper reefs in the bay. And I'll try to do just that next week to try to make up for this less than stellar showing. Fish are biting, but it's tough. Hey!!!
Let's be careful out there.

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By GoDoe
Yep The tides are coming back closer to normal but the dang wind! The water was blown up nasty everywhere that you can see here in AP. Maybe tomorrow or the next tomorrow.
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By karstopo
I never even launched so you win. Had plans to. Stilts and oyster catchers are my favorites. I really like all birds. They can do amazing things. So can fish. Humans are problematic.
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By Cuervo Jones
I couldn't believe the volume of bait around. I think the fish are just grazing like cows on all the forage that's concentrated with the wind and lower tides. I need to tie some more weedless flies too. Lots of grass and plant debris against the shores they were busting on. Grass and twigs are always bitin', fish not so much.

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By Cityfisher
Yep! That darn wind messed up my great plans of fishing and camping Wednesday thru Saturday.
I was able to catch 1 nice trout and 1 good eat'n size flounder Wednesday afternoon. Woke up Thursday to a South South Westerly wind and the bay was chocolate milk. Fished almost all day and all I got was 1 flounder that did the usual escape artist trick right at the net! Woke up Friday morning and the winds were even worse. Packed up and went home to the nice AC and my couch!
But still, glad you got to get out and catch a few!
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By WoodsWaterSky
Word for the day, or should I say year,,,, WIND. Seems like over half the trips I have made this year have been windy. I fished CB Saturday and even though I am 6 foot 250 lbs, I felt like Gilligan at times. Concentrated on the channel slopes and cuts, and was careful not to miss a drain. During my last two trips there I have seen more bait than you could shake a stick (or rod) at, and had the toughest time hooking up. My trip on June 3rd consisted of undersized specks, and this past Saturday consisted of one 14in whiting, and a 15 1/2 flounder. Is there such a thing as too much bait?
By jnd1959
Cuervo, I couldn't see from the picture but does Your APIFP have a tower platform or does that fold down for fly fishing?
What kind of rocket fuel mileage do you get?

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By Cuervo Jones
Looks like the weather forecast for Friday is calling for 20+ mph winds. Crap. That's just not safe. Might be a day to catch up on Mrs. Cuervo's work orders. Maybe the guy I bought the APIFP will lend a hand. He's pretty lazy though and I can't understand a damned thing he says. Here he is, doing nothing as usual, just north of Roswell, New Mexico.
Watta bum.

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By Luber
Well that's better than how I did. I spent all of Saturday getting tossed and turned in the bay and didn't catch a darn thing. Had to go home to the wife empty handed with my tail between my legs.
As part of an executive order mandating that I fish at least 50% of my time away from work, I hit the bay. Long story short, it was grim. Super high tides have fish scattered to the far reaches of the world, like Oklahoma and Nebraska. A small oyster reef I discovered a couple of weeks back had some of these on it:
Then I went in search of troots and bigger redrum...say...ever notice that redrum backwards is murder? And I gotta tell ya, TKF, that's all I got for today. I cast, trolled, shouted insults at the fish, and caught no monsters. Hopefully you did better. As was the case of the venerable FBI special agent Mulder, I want to believe!

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I can't believe you went out today. The weatherman had me wimp out and stay home so I could get caught up on some chores. Of course I haven't done hardly anything but sit on the couch watching fishing videos and tv. lol
But getting on the water catching or not catching is good. Hope you got that recharge needed to face another work week!
I had my doubts in the morning dark, but figured it's always better to at least give it a shot. Plus I got to see a ton of jelly fish. They must have washed in with the strong currents. I'm already looking forward to winter and cooler temperatures.

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